Adjusting Design Sizes in Embrilliance

What if your machine embroidery design file is too large for the place it is intended? I’ll show you how to reduce design size and save the day!

You may recall the Nativity candle project I created using Bonnie’s Nativity design set. It worked really well when applied to two six-inch and one four-inch LED candles. It just so happened that I had a set of three-and-a-half, four-and-a-half, and five-and-a-half-inch candles that I wanted to use. Fortunately, designs can easily be resized using Embrilliance or other editing software.

Embrilliance automatically adjusts design attributes like stitch count and density. Essentials has a technology known as a stitch processor which lets you resize existing stitch files from upward to 250% to downward of 50%.  (Note: Just because a program "can" resize and adjust upward to 250% and downward to 50%, doesn't mean every design will do so and maintain integrity. Keep in mind the detail of the design you want to resize. If it has a ton of detail at 100%, shrinking it down 50% might cause too much detail cramped together. Free-standing lace designs should not be resized.)

I sized the Nativity 3, 4, and 6 design sizes to 80% so that they would fit on my smaller candles.

In the Embrilliance screen, open the design you want to resize. Click on the design to select it.

You can either type the design size desired in the Embrilliance sizing box, or you can click on a corner dot of the design selection box and drag it to the size desired. The stitch count is updated and shown at the bottom right of the Embrilliance screen.

80 percent of original


You can see from the images that, even though the size of the second set of designs is smaller, it is crisp and has not compromised the integrity of the design.

Be sure to save your design files with a different name as the original, like “Nativity80.” That way, your original design file is unchanged.

Grab the Nativity (and other wonderful designs) while they are still half-price!

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