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Somebunny Loves You With Bunny Buddies by

This quick and easy project is designed for Easter but works equally well for any holiday or special occasion. A great way to add a festive splash of color around your home in no time flat. Bonnie’s new Bunny Buddies are so adorable, you will want to stitch them all! I’ll show you how to use one to make a bunny hanger for Easter.

Bunny Buddies #3 machine applique by Sew Inspired by Bonnie

I used Bunny Buddies 3 but changed up the body GlitterFlex color from Rainbow Orange to Ultra Silver Pink.

Hoop a medium tear-away stabilizer with a piece of 9”x12” fabric. Stitch the first color to show where the GlitterFlex applique will go. Cut a piece of GlitterFlex slightly larger than the size needed and secure it in place. If you need a refresher on applique with GlitterFlex, you will find one here.

Use contrasting thread for tack down stitching with GlitterFlex applique.

Don’t forget to use a contrasting thread color for the tack-down stitches so you can see where to trim through all the sparkle..

After trimming or tearing the excess GlitterFlex away, fuse it to the background fabric. Continue stitching the design. (Note: Debbie was kind enough to share her "Somebunny Loves You" text for free here.)

Remove stabilizer from the back and press

I used a 6” metal hanger, the same type used for the Easter Egg Hanger project. This time, instead of securing the background like a wall hanging, I used tiny wooden clothespins to attach the project to the hanger. That way, you can switch out the mini wall hanging for every season.

Bunny Buddies by Sew Inspired by Bonnie

Trim to 7"x10" making sure to center the design. Cut a back fabric the same size.

Place right sides together and stitch around the outside edge using a quarter-inch seam.

Pull the backing fabric away from the front and carefully clip a "Y" shape into the back fabric. Use this opening to turn the mini wall hanging right side out.

Press well.

Add fusible web to the back of a piece of scrap fabric. Cut it into a heart shape and fuse it over the cut.

Bunny Buddies 3 by Sew Inspired by Bonnie

Clip it to the hanger and it's cute as can be all ready for Easter!

Special thanks to Debbie for sharing her "Somebunny Loves You" text with everyone here.

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  • Bonnie Welsh - April 09, 2019

    Kathy—Thank you for your kind words. I needed that today. Which bunny did you have fun with? I’ve been testing Bunny Buddies 10 today. My machine was acting up so it took me longer than I planned. lol

  • Kathy - April 09, 2019

    Last weekend I had the fun of embroidering one of the bunnies. I am now waiting for more glitter flex to arrive so I can make more. Thank you for such sweet designs.

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