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One Thing I Should Have Known Before Buying My Embroidery Machine

What do you wish you had known before buying your embroidery machine

Hindsight is always 20/20. What do you wish you had known before your embroidery machine purchase?

I recently read this thread and though the information was not only useful, but also quite interesting, especially if you are just getting interested in machine embroidery.

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Backing Up Your Embroidery Designs

We have covered organizing embroidery designs as well as deciding what files to keep and what you should delete. None of that matters unless you have a plan in place for keeping your files safe by backing them up.

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Delete or Keep? Cleaning Up Embroidery Files

Think it is a good idea to delete embroidery files that you are not using? Maybe not!

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Cataloging Programs to Organize Your Embroidery Designs

Machine Embroidery Cataloging Programs blog at Sew Inspired by Bonnie

How can you organize embroidery designs when you can’t see them? These programs will help!

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How to Organize Machine Embroidery Designs

Tired of spending more time searching for the perfect design than actually embroidering? Overwhelmed by the thought of organizing your embroidery files? We’ll show you how!

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