Bark Buddies GlitterFlex Sheets

Bark Buddies GlitterFlex Sheets

Sew Inspired by Bonnie

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Get the same GlitterFlex colors that Bonnie used to stitch out her designs with this set of GlitterFlex Sheets. Nine, 10x12 super sparkly sheets in the colors listed below. (Note: Click on a color box below to see a better, larger picture.) Designs sold separately.

Bark Buddies embroidery designs sold here.

Video tutorial using GlitterFlex with machine embroidery here.

GlitterFlex Ultra is:

  • The thickness of cotton quilting fabrics
  • Fusible
  • Washable
  • Best of all, it simply tears away from your stitching line! Little to no trimming is needed.
  • It’s the same material many commercial embroiderers use on athletic gear so you know it’s a product that can be trusted for your machine. 

Customer Reviews

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Sharon Weiss

quick turn around on order, greatly appreciated. Love your glitter flex sheets...

Anna Giron
Did them all

A couple of things happened to me. First, I have a ten needle. When I imported the file into the program, I didn't pay attention to the size. I just started to sew. By the 7th dog, it dons onto me, to check the number of stitches in the file I uploaded. The dogs were coming in large. Thus, they took up more of the glitterflex. Lesson learned there. One of the dogs, I forgot which one, one eyebrow was a satin stitch, the other a feather. Fixed that. In the first dog pictured, the forehead has a gap. hmmm. The second dog has a gap in the ear. Another hmmm.

Overal all, excellent files. Love the change in color to give the dog depth. Just beautiful. I was going to make mug rugs but these dogs are just way to pretty to put under a coffee mug, so I am going to make tote bags.

Wish the sheets were marked but I guessimated.

Execellent work.

This is not normal at all. I've not had anyone state the the dogs came in large. No worries. We have been in contact with you to see where things went wonky. We have discovered that you changed the feathered eyebrow into a satin within your software but not the other. Looking forward to getting you up and running with super results! The GlitterFlex sheets are packaged with a packing slip by color order so you don't have to guess the colors. Hope this helps. =)

Jackie Anderson

Bark Buddies GlitterFlex Sheets

Lynn lappe
Bark buddies

Sewed out beautifully. Love the patterns

Diane Quay
Bark and Zoo Buddies

Purchased Bark Buddies, Zoo Buddies and the Glitter Flex colors too. My order arrived quickly and I'm just starting to decide how I want to use the designs on My EPIC 2 Embroidery machine.