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Quilting for a Cause

Quilting for a Cause with

Featured Image is Feathered Friends

Bonnie has so many awesome embroidery designs that are perfect to use in donation quilts for kids and adults alike. As makers, we often donate our creations to local churches and charitable organizations. These national organizations also accept quilts. Check the links below for more information and submission requirements.

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New Machine – Change Brands or Stay With the Same?

Buying a new embroidery machine--stay with same brand or change? on Bonnie's Blog at Sew Inspired by Bonnie

If you're in the market for a new embroidery machine, do you stay with the brand you have or go with another?

We’ve talked about what to look for when you are buying a new machine. If you already have a machine, the task is a bit more complicated.

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Make Sparkly Valentine Cards With GlitterFlex

GlitterFlex Valentines with

Use fabric and GlitterFlex scraps to make pretty Valentine cards for all the loves in your life! We have discussed how and why it is a good idea to keep fabric and GlitterFlex scraps. You may be surprised that even the smallest pieces of GlitterFlex can be put to good use. I’ll show you how I used them to create some quick and easy Valentine cards.

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Why Don’t My Colors Match the Design Photo?

Have you ever opened an embroidery design on your machine or in editing software only to find that the colors did not look exactly like the photo? How can two of the same designs be so different?

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Machine Embroidery Extensions: What Do They Mean?

Machine embroidery stitch file formats: What do they mean?

The language of machine embroidery files can be confusing - HUS, PES, DST, BX formats. What does it all mean? We’ll help spell it all out for you!

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Frankenbatting: Stitching Batting Scraps Together


What is the best use for batting scraps? Turn them into Frankenbatting!

Frankenbatting is a pretty awesome term that describes the technique of joining batting scraps together so that it can become useful again. We’ve talked about saving fabric scraps. Maybe you should also save your batting scraps, too.

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How to Identify Machine Embroidery and Sewing Needles

Identifying Machine Embroidery and Sewing Needles with

After holiday sewing (or any large project for that matter), you may have a machine needle or two laying around. Ideally, we should use Bonnie’s pretty Needle Keeper. You can see a tutorial on just how easy it is to make here.

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Resolutions for Machine Embroiderers 2024

Another year has come and gone. What do you resolve to do differently in your machine embroidery, quilting, and sewing practices?

Resolutions come in all shapes and sizes. We can strive to improve an existing skill or learn something entirely new. You may want to learn how to use new equipment or make something special.

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Merry Christmas to All Merry Makers!

Did you complete your stitched gifts on time? I certainly hope so! There is something so comforting about finishing your Christmas gift stitching ahead of schedule. We make things to share love and joy with others. When it becomes a chore, it takes the fun out of making merry.

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Gingerbread Garland

Just in time for Christmas, Bonnie’s little gingerbread man makes a great centerpiece for a holiday garland!

Once again, I’m using Bonnie’s Christmas Cookies designs, namely, the gingerbread boy. I stitched him in the freestanding applique technique on felt and you can see how it is done here.

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