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Magnetic Hoops for Machine Embroidery: Snap Hoop Monster Magnetic Hoops for Machine Embroidery

Have you ever wondered about using magnetic embroidery hoops? I did some research and will share what I discovered about magnetic hoops for machine embroidery!

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T-shirt Quilts and Beyond Part 3: Putting It All Together Putting T-shirt Quilts Together

After gathering your t-shirts and cutting them to size, it is time to start sewing blocks together and assembling the quilt!

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Creating T-shirt Quilts and Beyond Part 2: Cutting Blocks and Layout

T-shirt Quilts and Beyond: Part 2 from

Last time, we discussed getting your shirts ready and adding interfacing. This week, I am going to show you how to build up your t-shirt quilt blocks and get them organized before . . . 

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Creating T-shirt Quilts and Beyond Part 1: Getting Started

Creating t-shirt Quilts and Beyond by

Need a great gift for a graduate, newlywed, service member? I’ll break down the process, give you several options, and show you how to get started making a t-shirt quilt.

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Awesome Machine Applique


Want to try machine appliqué? Have no fear! I’m going to show you just how awesome machine applique can be. For those of you that have been doing it for a while, I hope to share a couple of tips for you to make it even more enjoyable.

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Eggsqisite Jewels Window Gift Bag Eggsquisite Jewels window gift bag project.

Here is a quick, last-minute project you can get done in time for Easter! It takes a slight twist on the traditional method of stitching Bonnie's gorgeous Eggsquisite Jewels designs.

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Bunny Buddies Wreath

Easter egg wreath frame for Bunny Buddies by
Easter is rapidly approaching. Every one of Bonnie’s Bunny Buddies (say that three times fast!) is even cuter than the last. I’ll show you another unique project I created with Bunny Buddies 6.

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Gone Noodles: Using Pool Noodles in the Sewing Room


Using pool noodles in the sewing room by

Using pool noodles in your sewing room may seem a bit strange but they have so many uses for only a few dollars (or less) a piece. I’ll share some fun ways that you can use them!

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Somebunny Loves You Hanger


This quick and easy project is designed for Easter but works equally well for any holiday or special occasion. A great way to add a festive splash of . . .

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Using Specialty Needles in Embroidery

Wing Needle Heirloom Butterflies from
Specialty needles create special effects--especially in your embroidery where they're least expected. Wing needles separate fibers, piercing little holes in the fabric. Why on earth would you want holes in your fabric? Because with wing needles, you get gorgeous stitches and textures from . . . 

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