Bark Buddies GlitterFlex Sheets

Bark Buddies GlitterFlex Sheets

Sew Inspired by Bonnie

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Get the same GlitterFlex colors that Bonnie used to stitch out her designs with this set of GlitterFlex Sheets. Nine, 10x12 super sparkly sheets in the colors listed below. (Note: Click on a color box below to see a better, larger picture.) Designs sold separately.

Bark Buddies embroidery designs sold here.

Video tutorial using GlitterFlex with machine embroidery here.

GlitterFlex Ultra is:

  • The thickness of cotton quilting fabrics
  • Fusible
  • Washable
  • Best of all, it simply tears away from your stitching line! Little to no trimming is needed.
  • It’s the same material many commercial embroiderers use on athletic gear so you know it’s a product that can be trusted for your machine. 

Customer Reviews

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Diane Quay
Bark and Zoo Buddies

Purchased Bark Buddies, Zoo Buddies and the Glitter Flex colors too. My order arrived quickly and I'm just starting to decide how I want to use the designs on My EPIC 2 Embroidery machine.

Linda Oconnor
Just a few thoughts

Hi Bonnie,
Love the designs just a few thoughts on what i have been having difficulties with.
1st i wish the sheets were named. And i am having problem getting the glitter sheets to adhere , just stopped and rewatched your video on this. I have tried several different irons trying to find the perfect blend. Also do you still do your tips on. Tuseday? I thought i signed up and haven’t received any news on this.
Last thing I am trying to do your wacky quilt .. I AM LOSt after i cut the 8 inch center puppie block then the three i inch border < then that’s where i got lost. Trying to turn the ruler and cut wonky.
But love your designs they are so cute. Thank you Linda

Thank you for your input.. The sheets are sent in the same order as your order form, so if you keep them in order you'll have the proper names for the colors. We don't put labels onto the sheets themselves as that may interfere with various cutting machines. If you're having trouble having items adhere my first question would be--what are you trying to fuse the GlitterFlex to? However, if it's just a standard cotton fabric one of two things is happening (1) the iron isn't hot enough (a cotton or slightly higher setting should work) or (2) you're not keeping the iron in one place long enough (17-20 seconds). A special iron isn't needed other than one small enough to fit in your hoop and get hot enough. I do not recommend the tiny Clover craft iron as it's just too small at 1-2 inches across. I no longer do Tuesday's tips. I will email you privately about the quilting questions. =)