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Many of you have requested a Color Guide with actual samples of GlitterFlex so you can see the luscious yummy sparkle instead of relying on still photography and monitors or phones that don't display the colors accurately. So here it is!  We've created an awesome resource booklet with real samples of all 61 colors of GlitterFlex, along with instructions for use, how to wash and dry, and more. All professionally spiral bound, on heavy duty card stock for durability. Whether you're wanting to see actual color chips before you buy or you want to keep track of your GlitterFlex stash, it's a great resource to have.

Video tutorial using GlitterFlex with machine embroidery here.

GlitterFlex Color Guide Booklet includes:

  • Real samples of each color of GlitterFlex we carry--all 61 of them!
  • Pictured, step-by-step Instructions for use with machine embroidery.
  • Instructions for heat presses.
  • Washing and drying instructions.
  • Instructions to easily sort our website to match your personal GlitterFlex Color Guide.
  • All printed on heavy duty card stock for durability and spiral bound to lay flat for ease of use.
  • Dye lots may vary slightly.