A Unique Way to Prevent Sticky Hoops

How to Prevent Sticky Hoops SewInspiredByBonnie.com

Adhesive sprays are helpful in machine embroidery but sticky hoops are not pretty. See how to keep your hoops clean!

Adhesive sprays, like Sulky KK 2000, Gunold KK 100, or Odif 505, are helpful in machine embroidery. You need something temporary to hold applique fabric in place or when stitching layered fabric and batting for quilt blocks and other In-the-Hoop (ITH) projects. One side effect is that your hoop is bound to become covered in sticky residue. Here are ways to keep it clean!

I recently read a social media post about how machine embroiderers kept their hoops from getting sticky. Of those that commented,

37% use a cardboard frame or cut a Styrofoam tray cut to fit over the frame to protect from overspray.

37% use a stretchy steering wheel cover from a dollar store to cover the hoop,

10% spray only on the back of the fabric that they want to stick in the hoop,

8% use tape to cover the hoop edges, and

8% said why clean the hoop? The sticky residue helps hold fabric in place!

Then, there was this one brilliant idea from Dawn Shearrer Alley. Dawn gave me permission to share her photo and said that the tip actually came from one of her favorite fabric shops.

Dawn enlarged the top opening and cut away the bottom of a detergent bottle. Others suggested a gallon milk jug. You sit it down over your hoop and spray from the top. Spray adhesive goes on top of the stabilizer but not on your hoop!

How do you keep your hoops from overspray from temporary adhesives?

Debbie Henry
Sew Inspired by Bonnie

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  • Bonnie Welsh - January 26, 2022

    Doreen—You’re in luck! Cleaning sticky hoops was covered in the next blog post “Cleaning Sticky Machine Embroidery Hoops” here: https://sewinspiredbybonnie.com/blogs/bonnies-blog/cleaning-sticky-machine-embroidery-hoops

  • Doreen Shults - January 26, 2022

    Thanks that’s so helpful
    But if your hoop is sticky how to get it off 😟

  • Debbie Henry - January 21, 2022

    Thanks, Judy! I have heard about using shaving cream and have not tried it yet.

  • Debbie Henry - January 21, 2022

    Thank you all. I really appreciate that Dawn allowed us to share her tip!

  • Cathy Heaton - January 20, 2022

    I make my own laundry soap etc so have no idea what type of bottle I would use. This is an ingenious idea though.

  • Cynthia Farris - January 20, 2022

    I really enjoy your tips.

  • Cynthia Jones - January 18, 2022

    great idea will begin using this thankyou

  • Cinda Wismar - January 18, 2022

    The detergent bottle trick is new to me. Good idea

  • Judy Beaty - January 18, 2022

    I use Lectric shave. I put it in a spray bottle. Spray dirty hoop with it. Lightly. Let sit a few minutes then wipe it off. Works better than denatured alchohol or Goo Gone, better than anything else I have tried. If hoops are really bad you might have to let it stay on the hoop a little longer . Works on anything that has adhesive on . It’s cheap and works great. You will find it in the men’s department.

  • Ardis - January 18, 2022

    You could use different size bottle for different size hoops. I can’t wait to try this.

  • Jan Ochs - January 18, 2022

    This is a great tip for next time. I’ll try it as soon as I clean my 4×4 hoop

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