Athletic Style Luggage Tags

Do you have a student in your family? Make them a custom bag tag!

With school starting soon, students everywhere are looking forward to getting back in the game. Whether they are involved in sports, extracurricular activities, or just want to mark their backpack, you can make an ID tag like no other.

Some organizations provide identical bags which makes it difficult to know whose bag is whose at a glance. The solution? Custom bag tags.


Bonnie has two luggage tag sets that stitch up beautifully, right in the hoop.

Picture of machine embroidered Luggage Tags

Luggage Tags 2

Each set has an assortment of sayings and styles ranging from sassy to bride and groom. They also include a blank tag that you can use for your very own individual custom tag.

Timeless Treasures Tossed Footballs, Scenic Golf, Soccer Balls, and Tossed Tennis Gear

For fabric, consider novelty prints.

Blank Quilting Love of the Game and Quilting Treasures America’s Pastime

Add the vinyl pocket on the back with ID information or

leave the fabric and stitch a first name or team mascot name. You can also substitute any of the fabric with GlitterFlex. Just fuse the GlitterFlex to a piece of scrap fabric before assembling the tag in the hoop.

Quilting Treasures Sounds of the Season, Wilmington Prints Interlude, and Benartex Pearl Ballet

These would sell well at craft shows or booster fundraisers when stitched in school colors. Increase sales by adding text like:

  • Soccer Mom
  • Hoops Dad
  • Biggest Fan of #9
  • Mozart in Training
  • Future Ballerina

There are sew many possibilities!



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  • Bonnie Welsh - September 19, 2021

    Kathy—We have different offers at different times. It’s always changing. =)

  • Kathy Dansby - September 19, 2021

    Any chance your luggage tags and wraps will go onsale? I purchased set 2 and got the wraps free. Any chance I can get the same special for Set 1?

  • Bonnie Welsh - August 03, 2021

    Bobbi—Sorry, I don’t carry fabric but that would be adorable. I do include a blank tag where you could use any fabric choice you’d like just as Debbie did with the ballet slippers. The blank tag is meant to be fully customized to your own personal wishes. =)

  • Bobbi - August 03, 2021

    Do you have any cheerleaders tags? Or fabric?
    I think it would be adorable for their gym bags.

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