Buying a New Embroidery Machine: What You Should Know

What Machine Should You Buy with

Whether you are just starting out in embroidery or upgrading, there are some things you should take into consideration before you buy!

Do Your Research

What options are important to you? Consider the availability of hoop sizes as that will limit what you can and can’t embroider. Can the machine both sew and embroider? How easy is it to get designs to the machine? Does it thread itself? Is having a machine with a camera on your list of must-haves? What accessories come with the machine?

As far as brands, you will find embroiderers that love every brand out there. Manufacturer’s web sites are a great place to find feature charts. They all have different options at various price ranges. Buy the machine you can get within your budget.

Pick a Great Dealer

Shortly after I purchased my first machine, Brand A, my husband and I were visiting another shop that sold Brand B. The owner asked if I was interested in a machine and I told her that I had just purchased one and was looking for designs. She asked what I had bought (It was not the top machine that Brand A sold but it was second). She told me to come back when I wanted a “good” machine. My husband took me firmly by the shoulders and steered me out the door before I could respond. Not a great endorsement for Brand B.

The dealer is everything. From education to service, support and training, the dealer you choose can make or break your purchase. Visit dealers, try out different machines, and compare options. Do they offer owner classes? Do they service machines on site?

Your dealer can be extremely helpful in choosing a machine. Most have various models on site that you can not only see, but try. Get your questions answered. It will become clear what model fits you best.

On the other hand, a dealer can make your whole experience a nightmare, so choose carefully. Spend some time with them before you buy. Do they answer your questions or rush and pressure you? Spending time with the dealer is a great way to see if you "click" with them or not.

What advice do you have for choosing an embroidery machine?

Debbie Henry
Sew Inspired by Bonnie

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  • Debbie Henry - September 19, 2022

    Right, Patricia! Owner’s classes are so important and my dealers did not charge for them.

  • Patricia Cryder - September 15, 2022

    Make sure you that you can get lessons for your machine at there location

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