Cold Hands, Warm Heart Mittens Hanger

Here is another fast and fun project you can make with Sew Inspired by Bonnie's adorable Christmas Cookies designs. 

The mitten in Bonnie's Christmas Cookies set is so cute, especially when it is stitched as a freestanding applique. The technique is created the same way as the Cookies for Santa project. The only difference, is that the stitching sequence is a bit out of order so that you can hide the back of the lettering.

Stitching the "Cold Hands" Mitten

Start out by hooping a heat-away stabilizer. Load the Christmas Cookies mitten design and run the first color, the placement stitch for the mitten.

Attach the felt to the front side and stitch the second color to tack it down to the stabilizer. Trim away felt close to the tack-down stitching.

Stitch out the "Cold Hands" wording next.

Now, add a piece of felt on the back of the hooped stabilizer, return the hoop to the machine, and run color two again to attach the back felt to the front. That way, the thread on the back of the wording will be nicely covered up.

Trim away the felt on the back, reattach the hoop, and continue with the placement stitches for the cuff of the mitten. Attach a felt piece on the front and back and stitch the tack-down to attach them. Trim to the stitching line on the front and the back.

At this point, you may want to add another layer of the heat-away stabilizer to help support the satin stitching. You can apply scraps of heat-away stabilizer just in the areas where the satin stitching will happen.

I skipped the decorative stitching on the cuff so that I could add buttons later. Use the same color of thread in the bobbin so that the back looks just as pretty as the front.

When stitching is complete, simply tear away the stabilizer. No matter how many layers you added, they will pull cleanly away from the edges.

Stitching the "Warm Heart" Mitten

Rotate the mitten design 180 degrees on your machine or in embroidery design editing software. Then flip the design horizontally so the thumb points to the right as you are looking at it.

Continue stitching just as you did for the other mitten above. Be sure to change the wording when it is time to stitch it out. 

When embroidery is finished, remove all of the stabilizer from the mitten.

Final Assembly

I added some snowflake buttons to the cuffs and hung the mittens on a 6" wire hanger with mini clothespins. I have also hung them by attaching a string to each mitten and tying it in a bow. Hang them up or position them on a wreath. The nice thing about this kind of decoration is that it can stay up long after Christmas!

Get your Christmas Cookies here

Debbie has graciously shared her wording for the mittens here.


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