Did the Pandemic Help or Hurt your Holiday Gift Making Plans?


This is a picture of a tree skirt with deer and poinsettias machine embroidered on it.
 Photo: Tree skirt project using Bonnie's Painted Poinsettias and Vintage Deer


Fifty-five days until Christmas. Are you on schedule?

Last year, Bonnie surveyed Facebok fans two days after Christmas to see how their 2019 holiday sewing had turned out. Here were the results:

7.4% said they were done ages ago.
14.8% said they were still sewing.
29.6% said they finished on time.
25.9% said they were so late, they were starting on 2020 sewing.
22.2% said they were just going to take a nap.


The question is, with the pandemic placing most of us some sort of lockdown for the last seven months, did you use that time to get a head start on stitching your 2020 holiday gifts?

I know I had good intentions, but working from home didn’t offer much more free time outside of not having a daily commute.

Fortunately, my “resource room” was well equipped with embroidery essentials, so there was no reason to go out for those kinds of supplies.

I have the ideas, which, for me, is half of the battle. My fabrics are organized and I like to prepare my projects in assembly line fashion. I fully subscribe to Bonnie’s prep methods so far as creating kits and gathering the fabrics, threads, and instructions necessary for each project, and that helps tremendously.

Now with snow in the air, let the season of making begin! Hopefully, I will finish ahead of schedule!

Photo: Tree skirt project using Bonnie's Painted Poinsettias and Vintage Deer

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  • Bonnie Welsh - November 02, 2020

    Sharon—Don’t feel bad. Some years are just like this. I’ve been sick this year too and sometimes we just need the time to heal. Take care and don’t try to do too much.

  • Bonnie Welsh - November 02, 2020

    Deb—You’re doing great! I wish I could say the same. I’ve been a bum. lol

  • Sharon - November 02, 2020

    Since I have been sick most of this year and except for making mask for family, nursing home,my brother is sheriff so made mask for all them. So I have 2 customers quilts to finish, 5 teddy bears,and 7 stockings then I will be ready to begin to see my Christmas gifts. Plus am having a bunch for Thanksgiving. I am so far behind.

  • Debbie Henry - November 02, 2020

    Good for you, Deb! It is a good feeling, isn’t it?

  • Deb Batz - November 02, 2020

    I am doing great on the Christmas crafting. I only have 2 small projects to go. One will only take about an hour. The other will be done in a couple of days with light work. Happy. I actually make more things since I did have the time and it kept me kind of sane.

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