Easter Apron: Fun Time Veggies Meet Bunny Buddies!

Combine two of Bonnie’s adorable designs for an Easter apron you can wear well into gardening season.

When I found this Hobby Lobby apron, I knew that I had to make something for spring and what better to embroider than Bonnie’s Bunny Buddies?


Picture of machine applique'd bunny at Sew Inspired by Bonnie


I chose Bunny Buddies 3 and used Embrilliance editing software to remove the egg.


Picture of machine applique carrot


Because bunnies need a snack, I added the carrot from Fun Time Veggies, editing out the face and some accents.

For the carrot, I used Rainbow Orange GlitterFlex. As Bunny Buddies 3 also used Rainbow Orange, I decided to change the color scheme to Rainbow Cotton Candy, so the design colors were adjusted accordingly.

After marking the center points on my cutaway stabilizer, I folded the bib portion of the apron in half along the vertical and horizontal centers. Fortunately, they followed nicely along the buffalo check lines.

The center point and vertical and horizontal lines of the apron were lined up with those on the stabilizer. A glue stick (Elmer’s School Glue) helped hold the apron in place long enough to get the hoop to the machine, where I ran a basting stitch to hold it to the stabilizer.

To prevent a stitching malfunction, I folded up the bulk of the apron with straps inside and pinned it to keep everything out of the stitching area.

Since the bunny and carrot created a landscape design, it had to be rotated in the hoop to fit. Double check to be sure that the hooped item is oriented in the same direction as the image on your machine screen.

The apron was slightly thicker than a quilting cotton and required a bit of extra time when fusing the GlitterFlex.

The designs stitched out beautifully. While this apron is perfect for Easter, you could also use it in the garden.



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  • Bonnie Welsh - February 23, 2023

    Denise—I’m not sure I’m following. The directions to what exactly? The apron directions are up above and the Bunny Buddies directions are sent with your download in a PDF. So I’m not sure which directions your not finding. =)

  • Denise Clinger - February 23, 2023

    I have the bunny and glitter. May I have the directions asap. Thank you Denise 😊

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