Five Tips for Embroidering with Children

Five Tips for Embroidering with Kids 

Making projects with youngsters can be lots of fun with a little bit of pre-planning. Whether it is your own children or the grands, embroidering with them makes memories. Here are some tips to make sure they are good ones!

Choose an Age-appropriate Project

You want to pique their interest. Start out with something that is fun and stitches quickly. Little pupils tend to burn out with lengthy projects, especially at first. Pick out two or three appropriate projects and let them choose one.

Picture of machine appliqued dalmation at Sew Inspired by Bonnie

For me, my five-year-old granddaughter could not have been more certain that she wanted Bark Buddies Dalmation embroidered on her denim jacket.

Prep Pieces Ahead of Time

Five Tips for Embroidering with Kids

To avoid a project marathon, it is a good idea to get everything set up and have stabilizer and GlitterFlex cut and ready to go. Number pieces according to the instructions so that you can just sit down and sew.

Picture of machine embroidery thread lined up ready to sew.

That also helps with following directions and number recognition. If you are fortunate enough to have thread trays from Laser Bee Studios, they keep thread in order so that your helper can easily participate.

Safety First

Five Tips for Embroidering with Kids

Make sure your little stitcher knows that they should not reach into the hoop. Let them operate the embroidery machine only under your supervision. Leave cutting and trimming to the adults.

Five Tips for Embroidering with Kids

Your helper can also participate by choosing fabrics, gathering thread colors, pressing buttons, applying glue stick, and making creative decisions. Besides,  GlitterFlex  is so much fun, who cares if the puppy is purple?

Work Around Meals and Nap Time

Just like us, if your stitching partner is hungry or tired, it will not go well. Work around nap time and have meals (and snacks) prepped ahead of time.

Just Have Fun

Don’t be afraid to let your stitching protege choose their own color combos, no matter how garish. It only matters that they love what they are doing. Take lots of pictures and let them be proud of their unique creation!

What tips do you have for stitching with the younger crowd?

Debbie Henry
Sew Inspired by Bonnie



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