Framing Machine Embroidery

Embroidery designs look great stitched and popped in a frame. Here are some tips and a link (toward bottom) to a tutorial on how to frame it yourself!

Framing your machine embroidery designs allows you to enjoy them as part of your home and office decor throughout the year. It is also a nice way to present a special gift.

Picture of machine appliqued butterfly in frame with dark pink mat at Sew Inspired by Bonnie

Throughout this blog, I am featuring Bonnie’s most popular design of last year, Butterfly Buddies. I’ve substituted different colored mats to show how they impact framed art.

Tips for Framing Machine Embroidery: 

Picture of machine appliuqed butterfly in frame with light blue mat at Sew Inspired by Bonnie

  • Embroider on fabric much larger than you need. That will allow you or the framer to center and secure the fabric on a mounting board.

  • Iron embroidery using Bonnie’s method here.

  • Archival quality boards will help ensure no damage and long life for your fabric. 
Picture of machine appliqued butterfly with blue mat at Sew Inspired by Bonnie
  • Add a mat that accents one of the colors of your design.

  • Choose a frame that fits the decor. Don’t forget about repurposing frames (you can always paint them) or even using an antique or thrift shop find.

  • When adding glass, use a slight spacer or a frame that is deeper than those used for print art so that the embroidery is not flattened against the glass. 
Picture of machine appliqued butterfly in frame with black mat at Sew Inspired by Bonnie
  • Use glass with a UV coating to prevent fading.

  • Cover the back of an open frame with paper and sign it to preserve the history of the keepsake. Add info like you would to a quilt label.
Picture of machine embroidered butterfly in frame with brown mat at Sew Inspired by Bonnie

Although you can use a professional frame shop to showcase your projects, Wandering Threads Embroidery has a great tutorial on how to secure your fabric on the back of a framed piece. They used hand embroidered art but the technique is the same for machine embroidery. You can find it here.

What tips do you have for framing your embroidery?

Debbie Henry
Sew Inspired by Bonnie

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