Frankenbatting: Stitching Batting Scraps Together

What is the best use for batting scraps? Turn them into Frankenbatting!

Frankenbatting is a pretty awesome term that describes the technique of joining batting scraps together so that it can become useful again. We’ve talked about saving fabric and GlitterFlex scraps, even stabilizer scraps. Maybe you should also save your batting scraps, too.

Batting is expensive. Often used for ITH machine embroidery projects like mug rugs as well as a variety of quilted items, we often have perfectly usable pieces of batting left over, lying around just taking up space.

Frankenbatting can be used in ITH projects, baby quilts, table runners, wall hangings, pillows, or throws. Even bigger quilts depending on the size of your scraps.

Thanks to Monika from who has a great tutorial on how to make Frankenbatting on her blog and has kindly shared some images with us.

How to Make Frankenbatting

Start by cutting batting scraps into straight pieces using a ruler and rotary cutter. You need only cut the two sides that you will be joining together. The rest will be squared up or trimmed later.

If you want to take it a step further, group similar sized scraps together. Larger pieces work best for larger projects.

Use same fiber content and label scraps accordingly. Don’t mix cotton and poly batting.

Use a pressing cloth or piece of fabric and press batting if it is extremely wrinkled.

There is a right side to batting. See Bonnie’s blog and video on how to tell the difference between the right and wrong sides here. Make sure batting pieces are right side up or back side up when joining scraps together.

Place cut edges up against each other and use a wide, long zig-zag stitch.

Stitch slowly to prevent stretching or “plowing.” Batting tends to push ahead of the presser foot. A walking foot, open toe, or edge joining foot is particularly helpful.

Use no more than four sections in one Frankenbatting piece.

What tips do you have for Frankenbatting?

Debbie Henry
Sew Inspired by Bonnie

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  • Debbie henry - January 18, 2024

    What would we do without those “old quilting ladies,” Debbie? They share so much wisdom!

  • Debbie henry - January 18, 2024

    This would be perfect for bowl cozies, Kaye!

  • Debbie Richert - January 15, 2024

    Have been doing this for a long time…great way to use up scraps for sure. Learned this from an old quilting lady, at that time it was hand stitching batting together for a quilt.

  • Kaye Fullerton - January 15, 2024

    Bonnie,thank you. I have been making bowl cozies and gave pieces of batting everywhere. I’m going to go stitch these together and use up my scraps

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