GlitterFlex Neon, Rainbow, Ultra, Holo. What is the Difference?

You know that Glitter Flex vinyl makes your applique embroidery so much more stunning. But with options like Holo, Neon, Rainbow, and Ultra, how do you know which one to choose?

Sew Inspired by Bonnie currently has 60 different shades of GlitterFlex. The ultra sparkle vinyl is used just like fabric in applique (see how here). Photos do not do justice to just how beautiful GlitterFlex is, but I will try to show the basic differences between the four variations of color.

Bonnie offers 35 shades of GlitterFlex Ultra. While all the glitter used in GlitterFlex is very small and the same size, I think of ultra as big glitter. It's a solid color, and by nature, looks as though it has larger reflective specks than the other three varieties.

GlitterFlex Rainbow, Holo, and Neon all contain multiple colors of glitter. Rainbow comes in 9 shades that are more pastel.

Just as the name suggests, Neon kicks up the brightness to the most vibrant of shades and is also available in 9 colors.

GlitterFlex Holo reminds me of glitter with a touch of aurora borealis mixed in which picks up colors from your base fabrics (unfortunately it's almost impossible to catch its beauty in a still picture).

All of the GlittterFlex colors are beautiful. Try an assortment with GlitterFlex bundles. Many coordinate with Bonnie's adorable embroidery designs.

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