Great Notions: Dry-Erase Project Thread Trays

Laser Bee Studio thread tray organizers

Have you started your Christmas list yet? You may want to add this item!

It is the time of year that loved ones may start asking, “What can I get you for Christmas?” This new product from Laser Bee Studio will make it on a lot of lists!

Keeping your threads organized makes projects so much easier to stitch. Bonnie shared how she lines up spools of thread in the order that she will need them for her stitchout. Last year, I showed you how well Laser Bee’s project trays worked. If you thought this organizer couldn’t get better, read on!

Now, Laser Bee Studio added an even more genius option to their project trays. Project trays are now backed with dry erase wood! 

Dry-erase project trays allow you to organize your thread in two ways. One way is to mark the thread color number in its proper sequence on the thread tray.

The other way helps in marking repeat colors. If color #1 is used again for color #5, place your thread spool in slot #1 and write #1 in slot #5. This tells you that, when you get to color change #5, you use the thread color that sits in slot #1. 

Laser Bee Studio has generic thread trays in addition to trays specifically numbered for Angela Wolf, Aurifil, Brother Simplicity Pro, Embroidery Garden, Floriani, Isacord, King Star Metallic, Madeira, and Robison-Anton lines. They recently added thread trays for Exquisite as well as Yenmet Metallic.


They also created trays for those of us who organize our thread by color.

What is on your Christmas list?

Debbie Henry
Sew Inspired by Bonnie

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  • Debbie Henry - September 25, 2021

    I know, Linda. I love it, too!

  • Linda Applegate - September 23, 2021

    That is the best idea yet. Thank you

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