Monogram Rules

Towels are always a great gift and monograms make them especially elegant, but the rules can be confusing, right?

Although there are traditional guidelines, there are really no right or wrong ways to create monograms. Some styles may differ but, most of the time, it depends on the person receiving the gift. Fit the design to their personality. 

Bonnie offers Elegant Embossed Alphabets in four sizes, 2x24x4, 5x7, and 6x10. These are ideal for single-letter monograms, which are, by far, the most popular choice.

Single-Letter Monograms

Traditionally, single letter monograms represent the last name of the recipient. That goes for both unmarried men and unmarried women. Often, unmarried women will feature the first letter of their first names if using just a single letter for their monogram. 

Three-Letter Monograms 

Traditional, three-letter Victorian monograms is another style used quite often today. Letter arrangement depends on marital status and letter sizes within the monogram. 

Letters Same Size 

Single men and single women use the first letters of their first, middle, and last name, in that order.  

Larger Letter in the Middle 

Single men and women would use the first letters of their first, last, and middle names. The last name is always the centered, largest font. 

For married couples, there are two schools of thought. One is that the bride’s first initial is on the left, as in ladies go first, and the groom’s first initial is on the right with their shared last name initial in the middle.

The other, more traditional, view is that the groom’s first initial is followed by the larger last name initial and the smaller bride’s first initial, as in Mr. and Mrs.  

After marriage, it is tradition for the bride to use her maiden name initial as the middle initial. Otherwise, she would use her first name initial, married name initial, and middle name initial.

You could use Bonnie’s Elegant Embossed Alphabets for the large center initial and add a smaller initial on either side, made from one of the fonts you have in your collection or on your machine.

Monogramming rules for children are the same as those for adults.

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