Pedal to the Metal: Feathered Friends in Metallic Thread

Would you embroider an entire design in metallic thread? You would if you used this brand!

Bonnie shared why she is fond of King Star metallic thread in this blog. I decided to give it a try and instantly discovered exactly why this brand is a favorite.

Metallic threads add a shine that is unmatched but embroidering with metallic thread can be a nightmare. It certainly was the first time I tried it, many years ago. Broken thread. Broken needles. Tension issues. It just wasn’t worth it.

Over the years, we have shared tips and tricks that helped ease the pain of embroidering with metallic threads in general, mainly slowing down your machine, using a larger needle, and allowing the thread to relax before entering the machine. With King Star, you don’t have to do any of those things.

Not all metallic threads are alike. Some are shaped more flat than round, which contributes to breakage. Metallic embroidery threads by King Star have a polyester core wrapped in rice paper with a metallic finish. The high-quality thread doesn’t kink as it unwinds from the spool and runs smoothly through the thread pre-tensioners, allowing fewer thread breaks and higher quality embroidery.

Blue machine embroidered bird with metallic thread on Bonnie's Blog at Sew Inspired by Bonnie

 Feathered Friends

I decided to stitch out Bonnie’s Feathered Friends (they are on sale right now!) using King Star thread and it stitched beautifully. I was surprised at how relaxed the thread stayed. Some metallics are almost sunglasses-needed shiny. King Star is beautifully luminescent.

 King Star Metallic Machine Embroidery Thread

No thread breaks. No needle breaks.  

Blue machine embroidered bird with round hoop by its side on Bonnie's Blog at Sew Inspired by Bonnie

I framed the embroidery in a faux wood oval embroidery hoop that I found at Hobby Lobby. It is flexible and very easy to pop into place, especially when hooping on the DIME hooping mat; it doesn't slide around. 

Machine embroidered blue bird in circular wooden frame on Bonnie's Blog at Sew Inspired by Bonnie

I will be using King Star metallic thread in more of my machine embroidery projects!

What is your favorite metallic embroidery thread?

Debbie Henry
Sew Inspired by Bonnie
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  • Debbie Henry - March 07, 2024

    That’s so sweet – Thank you for reading, Linda!

  • Debbie Henry - March 07, 2024

    Thanks, Carol. I was pleasantly surprised at how pretty the thread made Bonnie’s already adorable design!

  • Debbie Henry - March 07, 2024

    Me, too, Verla!

  • Bonnie Welsh - March 06, 2024

    Betty—I don’t use any special needles at all with King Star metallic. I base the needle I’m using on the fabric. I normally use an embroidery needle 75/11 and don’t have any issues with the King Star metallic thread.

  • LindaCook - March 06, 2024

    I love your blog and news of embriodery matters! Thank you for taking time to post on different matters of sewing and embriodery! You are a verycaring person to share with us! Thank you!

  • Carol - March 06, 2024

    The design looks beautiful. I can only imagine what it looks like inreal time!

  • Verla - March 06, 2024

    I love my thread like that

  • Betty Patton - March 06, 2024


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