Perfect Embroidery Placement With Adhesive Template Paper

Templates with

Perfect for multi-hooping or edge-to-edge quilting, Print and Stick Target Paper makes precise design positioning a breeze.

Templates are essential to exact positioning of embroidery designs. Bonnie showed us how to create a template by stitching the design on a medium tear-away stabilizer. Not only was it extremely accurate, it also held up wonderfully while quilting an all-over design using a magnetic hoop.

Stabilizer is much easier to work with than a paper template and is semi-transparent, allowing you to somewhat see where you are placing it over your fabric. That is very helpful when you are positioning designs in specific places, whether it is by themselves or multi-hooping in coordination with other designs such as edge-to-edge quilting.

Embroidery Templates with

I am working on an in-the-hoop quilting project that requires more than 50 hoopings, so I recently purchased a template paper you can print, peel, and position. Print and Stick Target Paper feels like stabilizer but works in your printer. Just print your template and peel it away from the backing.

Embroidery Templates with

The entire template adheres to your project without shifting and can be easily repositioned for multiple uses.

Embroidery Templates with

Because it is translucent, you can see fabric and embroidery while aligning your designs. When your machine needle is in position, remove the template and stitch. Place the template back on its backing to store and use it again later.

Embroidery Templates with

Make sure you print your templates at actual size, or 100 percent and include crosshairs. Check out Bonnie’s Tips and Tricks with Templates and Placement for more great ideas.

Debbie Henry
Sew Inspired by Bonnie

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  • Debbie Henry - May 30, 2022

    For sure, Vivian!

  • Vivian Brown - May 30, 2022

    Game changer!

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