Sew Eggsquisite Basket Liner

Whether to cover your bread or as a pretty basket liner for Easter gifts, this project exudes the promise of spring!

Everyone is likely pretty sick of snow and ice. How about a quick-stitch Easter project using a pre-made blank?

I chose the Linen Bunwarmer with Swiss Dots from as a basket liner. Another alternative is the Hot Roll Cover from

Bonnie’s Sew Eggsquisite, number 6, seemed like the perfect choice for an Easter basket liner. You can stitch on one panel of the bun warmer or on all four.

I pressed the bun warmer, which came pretty-well starched. After hooping a fabric-type wash-away stabilizer, I marked the center crosshairs.

For odd-sized items such as this, I have found it helpful to stitch out a basting stitch on the stabilizer. That shows me the dimensions of the design and aids in positioning one arm of the bunwarmer. You can also print out a template of the design and use it to position the embroidery.

Finger press the bun warmer segment in half wrong sides together. Position it over the basting stitch, right side up, and line up the center fold with the center crosshair on the stabilizer.

Secure the bunwarmer in the hoop (I used SewTites) and stitch the design. Keeping SewTites outside the basting stitch ensures that they are free of the stitching field.

It is so pretty, you can't help but smile!

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  • Bonnie Welsh - April 15, 2021

    Marjorie—Thanks for the update. I knew they were out of stock but it’s great to hear that they have them back in again! Thank you!

  • Marjorie - April 15, 2021

    They were out of stock on bun warmers til a couple days ago! I put my order in and yesterday received notice they were on their way! Beautiful use of the egg design.

  • Bonnie Welsh - March 02, 2021

    JuDee—Debbie gave a couple options and the Bun Warmer option from All About Blanks is still in stock. =)

  • Debbie Henry - March 02, 2021

    Thanks, Claudine. Bonnie’s designs are beautiful, indeed!

  • Debbie Henry - March 02, 2021

    You are right, Jo! Bonnie’s digitizing is top-notch and the artwork is super adorable.

  • JuDee Clark - March 02, 2021

    This is beautiful….thought it would make great gift for my four girls…but when I went to order the liner, found they were out of stock. So disappointed!! So, will file this away in my memory-list of things to do.

  • Claudine - February 24, 2021

    So pretty. Just beautiful

  • Jo Williams - February 23, 2021

    I just saw a 5month old dalmation puppy your
    embroidery of them is spot on Bonnie.

  • Bonnie Welsh - February 22, 2021

    Sharon—Wish I could take credit but it was Debbie’s idea/creation. I did do the digitizing on the embroidery though. Debbie did a great job, I may have to make one too! =)

  • Sharon Class - February 22, 2021

    This is beautiful. I will be doing some of these! Thank you Bonnie

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