Spectacular Storage Solutions: Walk-In Closet Drawers

Reorganizing your sewing room? I’ll show you how I turned a walk-in closet into a dream storage area.

One of the benefits of moving (yes, there really are some) is that you have an opportunity to rearrange your supplies.

A walk-in closet has so much potential when organized properly.

There was a lot of space available after cleaning out the just-moved-in “stuff.”

Here are Elfa closet drawers and railings, from The Container Store, ready for assembly. I've never assembled anything, however, I found assembling these closet drawers a snap! 

I got lucky! It's a perfect fit! (Be sure to measure your area twice before going to the store. They were very helpful getting the right set up for my space.) You can change your configuration to meet any room size. Taller, shorter, wider, narrower--love that you can modify these and the top is very sturdy for storage.

These drawers hold a TON of stuff and were really simple to put together. You can configure them any way you want. Shallow drawers, medium drawers (shown) and even a deeper drawer I chose not to purchase. They come in a few different colors and a couple different widths. Change the height, width, whatever. I'm impressed.

These replaced several plastic drawers and are much sturdier! An added benefit? I can take the drawer completely out and take it to my sewing area (which will also come in handy when I want to vacuum under the bottom drawers).

Once I've "lived" with this awhile, and know it's where I want to keep everything, I'll create some labels.

These are my first but probably not my last. I think it was money well spent---especially since it can be changed if needed. Goodness knows I change my ideas of what I need and where.

In case you missed it, see how I now store my thread here.

How do you store your supplies?

Have a day blessed with perfect stitches…and GlitterFlex!!

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  • CINDIE PORTER - September 05, 2023


  • Bonnie Welsh - February 06, 2020

    Barbara—Yes I saw those labels and plan on getting them once I’m happy with where things are stored. I fiddle with that for awhile until I like my “working” set up. LOL

  • Barbara G - February 05, 2020

    The ELFA storage system is wonderful! I too moved and considerably downsized my sewing room. One solution was under my large koala cutting table opened and placed in a corner I have 3 of the storage units like yours. They ft perfectly underneath and are so attractive. I have a tip too: if you check the catalog for the Container Store, there are labels that clip onto the ELFA drawer handles. Now I know exactly where an item is located. Thanks for all your tips, videos, and blog posts!

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