Stitch Up a Spooky Apron in Time for Halloween!

Spooky Buddies from

Hand out candy in style with an adorable Spooky Buddies apron! A holiday apron is so much fun. After stitching the Santa Buddies apron, I knew I had to make one for Halloween using Bonnie’s Spooky Buddies.

Picture of apron from Hobby Lobby to use for Halloween

The Hobby Lobby apron stitched up in no time, so you could easily make one for this weekend. I chose the Spooky Buddies bat to match my black and pink apron, with a couple of adjustments. 

Picture Spooky Buddies machine applique bat from


The bat uses Lavender and Dark Gold GlitterFlex. Since I was using a black background, I chose lighter shades of GlitterFlex, namely Amethyst and Rainbow Orange.

Picture of apron with center marks for embroidery

Start by lightly creasing the bib portion of the apron along the horizontal and vertical centers. That helps with centering the embroidery design.

Picture of hooped stabilizer and center lines marked for embroidery.

Mark centering lines on hooped cutaway stabilizer and align the center and crosshairs of the apron on the center and crosshairs of the hooped stabilizer. Use temporary spray adhesive or glue stick to hold the apron in place.

Picture of basting stitch and placement stitch on Spooky Buddies apron

Run a set of basting stitches to hold the apron to the stabilizer. The bat design starts out with a placement stitch for the head. 

Picture of apron with Amethyst GlitterFlex tacked down.

Use glue stick inside the placement stitch to hold the Amethyst GlitterFlex.

Picture of Spooky Buddies bat on Apron from

The next color stop will secure the GlitterFlex to the apron. Tear or trim the GlitterFlex away from the tack-down stitches.

Continue the embroidery sequence, fusing GlitterFlex when directed. You can get a refresher on applique with GlitterFlex here. 

Picture of apron with Spooky Buddies machine applique bat


The finished bat is so darn cute, you won’t want to put him away after Halloween!

Get Spooky Buddies now!

Debbie Henry
Sew Inspired by Bonnie

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