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GlitterFlex Embroidery on Denim

What could possibly be more cool than a denim jacket? One with a GlitterFlex Dalmation on the back!

Recently, my five-year-old granddaughter came for a sleepover and part of the festivities are stitching something on the embroidery machine. I had recently bought her a lightweight Carter’s denim jacket for just this occasion.

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Sew Eggsquisite Basket Liner

Whether to cover your bread or as a pretty basket liner for Easter gifts, this project exudes the promise of spring!

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Embroidering on Stuffed Animals: Part 1

These stuffed animals with embroidered names are adorable and I’ll show you how it how it is done!

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Perfect Embroidery Design Placement: Single Designs

Do you struggle with getting designs stitched on your projects where you want them to be? We have all been there. Let me show you just how easy it is to achieve perfect . . .

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