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Machine Embroidery Terms: E to H

The second installment of our Machine Embroidery A to Z, offers a few more terms, techniques, and tutorials for machine embroiderers of all experience levels!

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Fuse Properly for Better Embroidery with GlitterFlex

Fusing is probably the most important part of stitching with GlitterFlex. If you don’t fuse at all or don’t fuse properly, your project will fall short of expectations.

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Quilt Your Block Before Embroidery!


Picture of machine embroidered cow with quilting from Sew Inspired by Bonnie

Most often, blocks are embroidered before quilting. See how you can quilt the block before adding embroidery!

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Use GlitterFlex on Quilted Material? Yes, You Can!

GlitterFlex Designs on Quilts 

Love the look of applique quilts but not the quilting and bock piecing part? Or maybe you simply don't have the time? Here is a great shortcut!

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Fusing Instructions for GlitterFlex

How to Fuse GlitterFlex Vinyl

Need a quick refresher on how to fuse GlitterFlex vinyl? No problem!

Most of the time, GlitterFlex will be fused right in the hoop. Move the hoop to a flat, hard ironing surface. You can use a thin . . .

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GlitterFlex 101: Applique

Curious about GlitterFlex and how it might be used? Here's a quick and easy step-by-step tutorial to get you started.

GlitterFlex can be used for applique just like any other cotton quilting fabric. It's very, very thin so it's perfect for garments or quilts, anywhere that you want . . . 

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