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Need to Organize Your Sewing Area? Just Get Started!

Organizing Your Sewing Area with

Keeping a tidy work area is essential to creative accomplishment. Sometimes the hardest part is just getting started.

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Great Notions: Dry-Erase Project Thread Trays

Laser Bee Studio thread tray organizers

Have you started your Christmas list yet? You may want to add this item!

It is the time of year that loved ones may start asking, “What can I get you for Christmas?” This new product from Laser Bee Studio will make it on a lot of lists!

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Embroidery Shortcuts: Sew Cool You Will Want to Gift Yourself!

I’ll show you how these project trays work, a new product that makes stitching even easier, and a little applique shortcut!

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Setting Up My Embroidery Studio: Thread Cabinet Embroidery Studio Thread Cabinet

There’s nothing like moving to turn up your organizational skills a notch or two. I’ll show you how I set up my thread cabinet and organized more than 350 spools of embroidery thread!

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Tips for Organizing Thread


You can't do machine embroidery without having a generous selection of thread. But how do you keep thread protected, organized, and . . . 

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