The Cutting Edge: Great Tools to Combat Thread Nesting

Thread Nest Tools With

We’ve talked about what causes thread nests and how to prevent them but what do you do once you get one? It has happened to most of us and, if it hasn’t happened to you yet, it will. Nine times out of ten, thread nesting or "thread throw up" as Bonnie affectionately refers to it (because it makes you sick when you see that wad of thread on the bottom of a project)) occurs because the machine is not threaded properly.

You are stitching away, minding your own business, and your machine makes a hideous sound. Of course, you are sitting right there and immediately stop embroidery.

The hoop is nearly welded to the throat plate. You can’t release your hoop. You can barely lift the hoop enough to take a look at the back and see what is holding things up. This often massive tangle of thread is running from your hoop to your bobbin area. Now what?

Thread Nest Tools

Fortunately, the following companies provide tool kits that make releasing your hoop after a thread nesting incident quite easy and I’m sure there are probably others out there. Both essentially consist of a hooked tool and a scalpel-type cutting blade. Unlike most scissors, the tools are long enough to reach under the hoop and remove the thread nest.

Picture of tools used to remove machine embroidery thread nests

RNK Thread Nest Tool Set

RNK Distributing recommends holding up the hoop with the hook so that you can easily access the thread tangle, gather thread, and cut it with the blade tool. They include two additional blades.

Thread nest tools for machine embroidery

DIME Birds Nest Tool Kit

The Designs in Machine Embroidery kit works and looks much the same. It comes in a zippered case for safe storage, has a metal blade handle, and replaceable blades are available.

You can read about how to avoid thread nesting here.

How do you handle thread nests?

Debbie Henry
Sew Inspired By Bonnie

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