Unique Machine Embroidery Hoop Storage Solutions

See the genius way that Bonnie stores her hoops, plus some other ideas for keeping hoops handy.

Recently, Bonnie shared how she stores her hoops on the Sew Inspired by Bonnie Facebook page. She hangs them in a closet!

Bonnie cut strips of marine vinyl into 1-inch by 9-inch pieces and added snaps to each end. The top two snaps loop around shower curtain hangers while the other two snap from the bottom up to wrap around a hoop. She also color codes vinyl for each hoop according to it’s machine, making it easy to grab the right hoop for the machine she is using.

Here are some other ideas, borrowed from the internet, for keeping your hoops where you can find them:

Peg Board


Most of the people who responded to Bonnie’s post use peg board to hang their hoops.

Plate Rack


This is another unique way to hang your hoops using a simple metal plate rack.

Key Holder

You will never look at key holders the same way again!


Drawers and pull-out shelving are the second most popular way that Bonnie’s group likes to store hoops.

Wreath Hooks

These are two of those “Why didn’t I think of that?” options. A simple wreath hanger, the kind that hangs over a door, makes a great way to keep hoops at hand but up out of the way.

There are even some pretty hangers for those that appreciate more stylish utilities.

File Sorter

A simple file separator is another way CalicoCali has found to keep hoops and rulers organized.

How do you store your hoops?

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  • Bonnie Welsh - October 03, 2023

    Betty—So glad we could inspire you! =)

  • betty hack - October 03, 2023

    good ideas for my disorganized sewing room, didn’t know what to do with them now I’m motivated thanks

  • Bonnie Welsh - March 09, 2023

    Sandy—I wouldn’t recommend storing hoops in a bag as they need support to not warp. However, I have seen on Pinterest some examples of ladies making fabric wall hangings with pockets to hold the hoops in. Here’s a link to one sample: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/563018695767720/ No pattern was given but you could make it any size you want to. If you need to travel with your hoops, the bag for your embroidery machine will normally have protective slots and such for hoops specifically for travel.

  • Sandy Johnson - March 09, 2023

    Would like an idea to make a bag for my machine embroidery hoops

  • Bonnie Welsh - May 28, 2021

    Patti—Thank you for your kind words. I’m doing well. =) I actually hang my hoops on marine vinyl that’s color coded for each machine to keep me straight. lol It’s fun to see all the creative ways that we hang our hoops isn’t it?

  • Patti mccutchen - May 28, 2021

    Love your idea for hanging them on leather straps I have 2 machines and one is hung on the inside of an old tv armoir and the other hoops are hanging on the outside of same armoir works for me. I love your you tube vids and noticed you haven’t done any for a while hope all is good with you and yours

  • Bonnie Welsh - March 09, 2021

    Bonnie—Glad to hear you liked it. =)

  • Bonnie Welsh - March 09, 2021

    Linda—Sounds very clever and organized. =)

  • Bonnie Welsh - March 09, 2021

    Jeannette—I’m really liking having them hung in the closet. Some people like to see everything and I’m more the “behind the doors” kinda gal. I like things organized, but since my room is off the dinning room and highly visible, I need less visible clutter.

  • Bonnie Welsh - March 09, 2021

    Susan—I like the decorative ones too but don’t have the room for them unfortunately. I love the command hook idea too. I may add that to the side of my cabinet for my most used size. =)

  • Bonnie Welsh - March 09, 2021

    Sharon—You’re most welcome!

  • Bonnie Addison - March 09, 2021

    great idea, Thanks

  • Linda Ballard - March 09, 2021

    I store my hoops on the wall with push pins. The larger hoops on the outside and the smaller hoops stored inside. Each hoop is labeled on the outside with the size hoop it is so I never have to guess what hoop I pull down.

  • Jeannette Williams - March 09, 2021

    Great idea, hanging them in the closet, out of the way and available when needed, easy to see the size you need. thanks

  • Susan Brake - March 09, 2021

    Hi Bonnie… Love these ideas ! Especially the decorative ones…. like the plate rack ! I hace put up command hooks on the exposed sides of a cabinet and hung my hoops on those. nothing fancy, but organized, out of the way, but still easy to find and grab for a project !

  • Sharon Schroeter - March 09, 2021

    What great ideas for storing hoops! Thank you for sharing!

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