When Should You Upgrade Your Embroidery Machine?

When to upgrade your embroidery machine? SewInspiredByBonnie.com

Upgrading is typically a matter of time and finances and depends upon the kind of upgrade that you are seeking. Basically, there are two types of embroidery machine upgrades. One you make to your machine software and the other to the machine itself.

Software Updates

It is essential to keep up with software improvements. Running new updates on your embroidery machine should be done routinely for the life of your machine. Dealers typically let their clients know when updates are available, so it is helpful to keep in touch via newsletters and/or social media. You can also download updates directly from the manufacturer’s website.  Unlike upgrades, updates are normally free and generally include bug fixes to improve the performance of your machine. Some may include small new features as well. These updates are important to keep your machine operating at its best.

Hardware and Software Upgrades

Some companies allow for upgrades on hardware and software without replacing the machine entirely. This is available only for top end machines for a fee. It's also done between releases of new top end machines. Once the machine is no longer considered the top end, "machine upgrades" are not available. The machine upgrade adds new features to both hardware and software.  It may include new types of hoops, feet or other accessories to compliment the machine's latest software features added. It's almost like getting a new top end machine with all the latest bells and whistles.


If you are looking to upgrade hardware, as in going to a new machine, your needs, interests, and budget all come into play. There are several reasons you might want to go to a new machine. Typically, it is for better options.

In a past blog, we discussed what machine embroiderers wished that they had known before they bought their machine. Most often, they wished that they had chosen a machine with a bigger hoop.

For me, my machine worked just fine but used a Windows 7-compatible card reader/writer to transfer designs to the machine. When Microsoft no longer supported Windows 7, I feared I was one glitch away from being stuck. Fortunately, I bought a new machine with no interest for 60 months.

What to Look for in a New Machine

If you decide to purchase a new machine, there are several things to consider. First, and possibly most important, you need to find a great dealer.

For the most part, each manufacturer has a model offering most, if not all, of the options that you want. Visit the dealerships near you and do some research on both the machine and the dealer. Then, buy the machine with the best options for your budget.

Debbie Henry
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  • Debbie Henry - September 05, 2022

    Thanks, Tamie! I was lucky enough to have two great dealers.

  • Debbie Henry - September 05, 2022

    Thanks for reading, Elise!

  • Elise - September 01, 2022

    Thanks for good information.

  • Tamie - August 29, 2022

    Sure wish I had this advise upon getting into embroidery and quilting!! Awesome advise especially feel confident your dealer will support you and your machine in the future! I live remote from most shops so don’t want to travel hours for support!

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