Why Use Backings for Machine Embroidery?

Using embroidery backings with SewInspiredByBonnie.com

We are used to fussing about stabilizers and toppers, but what about the back of the embroidery? As machine embroiderers, we focus a lot on choosing the proper fabric, stabilizer, and threads for each design we stitch. We make sure the front of the embroidery is perfect but do we neglect the back? 

We have discussed how trimming jump stitches on the back helps to alleviate puckering. But we seldom do anything else to the back of our embroidery unless it is something we’ve stitched on clothing for children. Then, we typically add a layer of soft cover-up to the back of the embroidery to prevent delicate skin from being irritated. Why stop there?

Why Use Embroidery Backing?

In addition to the comfort aspect, some embroiderers just like the way it looks. The back of embroidery isn’t particularly pretty. Using a cover gives embroidery a clean, smooth finish on the backside.

There are several brands and they are pretty similar in construction and how they are used:

Embroidery backings with SewInspiredByBonnie.com

Backings are basically a soft, tricot-type stretchy knit that is fusible on one side. They don’t change the drape of the fabric and some are available in both white and black.

Tips for Using Embroidery Backing:

  • Fusing instructions vary by manufacturer.
  • Since the backing will be ironed in place, make sure fabric can take the heat.
  • Cut backing slightly larger than embroidery area.
  • Using pinking shears help keep edges from curling and give a softer edge..
  • Use a pressing cloth and press with embroidery face down onto a towel.
  • Test on similar fabric first.
  • Backings are not a substitute for stabilizer.

How do you treat the back of your embroidery?

Debbie Henry
Sew Inspired by Bonnie

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