A Bee-utiful Way to Organize Your Thread

Keep thread near your embroidery machine using these trays and you'll never have to guess what color comes next!

I recently got my hands on an ingenious product from Laser Bee Studio that takes the hassle out of keeping embroidery threads organized. Laser-cut project trays are made from wood and backed with a wood veneer. Each is engraved with a creative sentiment and 12 numbered slots for holding 1000-meter spools of embroidery thread.

Bonnie gave us a terrific tip for lining up project thread colors here. Place thread for your design in order in these project trays and keep everything neat and tidy. Thread Tray Set 1 is numbered 1-12 and 13-24


while Tray Set 2 is numbered 25-36 and 37-48, perfect for larger projects with more color changes.

We all had thread envy when we saw how Bonnie set up her thread cabinet in this blog. Laser Bee has 30-slot thread trays that fit standard Iris scrapbooking cart.  

Generic trays are great if you have several different brands of thread - perfect for sorting by color! Inserts fit Isacord, Robinson-Anton, Floriani, Glide, Exquisite, and Brother Simplicity Pro 1000-yard spools.

Bonnie digitizes to the Floriani thread line. For those of you who prefer Floriani threads, Laser Bee makes a set of drawer inserts engraved with all 359 current colors of Floriani 40wt polyester embroidery thread in numerical order.

Similar sets are also available for Isacord, Madeira, Robison-Anton, and Angela Wolf. Pretty cool idea!

How do you organize your thread for projects and storage?

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  • Wendy Canada - October 14, 2020

    I have these and they are great. Two of my friends have bought them too after I showed them.

  • Susan - August 17, 2020

    have done something similar with my thread. I bou7ght plastic storage cases at Dollar General and a sheet of foam board at the Dollar Tree. I cut the foam board to fit inside the storage box, then used golf tees to poke through the foam board to place each spool of thread on. Keeps all my thread neat and organized.

  • Bonnie Welsh - August 10, 2020

    Carol—Debbie put a link up in the blog to Laser Bee Studio. You just click on the link above and you’ll be taken there. =)

  • Carol Martin - August 09, 2020

    Where do we get these

  • Linda Jenkins - August 09, 2020

    I have these products And highly recommend them.

  • Bonnie Welsh - August 04, 2020

    Gloria—Looks like they do! =)

  • Gloria Facemyer - August 04, 2020


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