Another Embroiderer’s Tool: Color Palette Generator

Color Palettes for Embroidery with

These color palettes take the guesswork out of using the right thread color combination! Plus, get conversion charts (listed below) for popular machine embroidery thread brands.

All of us struggle with choosing embroidery thread colors at one time or another. You may want to change the original design colors more to your liking. For me, I do not use one type of thread. I use thread from several different manufacturers. How do you make colors work together?

Picture of embroidery thread colors that go together for pinks.

Many times, color combinations look fabulous to us because they mimic those in nature. Krisztina created to help embroidering friends who struggled with finding colors that go well together. It eases the anxiety that comes with too many color choices.

Picture of embroidery thread colors that go together for nature

Her free thread color combinations can be applied by thread artists regardless of their skill level. It is a great tool for those who are just learning as well as seasoned stitchers.

Picture of embroidery thread colors that go together for blues

You can filter palettes by color, scheme, season, and theme. She also offers e-books as well as a subscription service where you can upload photos using most smartphones and tablets and convert them into embroidery thread palettes.

Color Palettes for Embroidery with

Although this site is for determining DMC thread colors used by hand embroiderers, you can use conversion charts and programs to find a similar match in machine embroidery thread.

DMC to Sulky  DMC to Robison Anton  DMC to Arc, Floriani, Madeira

Picture of embroidery thread colors that go together for browns

Use digital charts only as a guide. Your monitor color will be different than the printed color which will be different from the thread color. Exact color matches are just not possible unless you are using actual thread swatch samples.

Have you used color palettes before? If so, which do you recommend?

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