Back-to-School Embroidery: Safe and Stylish! Merry Mermaids Back to School

Want your young student to dazzle and shine? Try these designs for a safe, personal touch like no other.

As embroiderers, we want to stitch on EVERYTHING. Although we may want to add names to t-shirts, sweatshirts, and backpacks for our back-to-schoolers, it isn’t necessarily a safe practice. Safety officials and many students recommend against stitching a child’s name on personal items that will be in plain sight. A stranger calling a child by their first name could easily be mistaken for a friend.

Most kids love starting back to school with personal items that are geared just to them. Instead of embroidering a name, Bonnie has several designs that appeal to youngsters and have the added bonus of GlitterFlex. Plus, the likelihood that anybody else in the class have the same thing are pretty slim.


Little girls love mermaids so when they are wearing any of Bonnie’s Merry Mermaids, the glitz and glitter will be a sure way to strike up conversations and make friends.

Cats and Dog­­­s Purr-fect Buddies

Kids love their pets and the Purr­­­­­­-fect Buddies Bark Buddies

and Bark Buddies are so much fun.  

Trains, Planes, and Automobiles

Whatever goes fast is always fun, especially if it sparkles! Train Buddies

Train Buddies are great to encourage little engines that could. Airplane Adventureses
Youngsters will fly high with Airplane Adventures. Car Buddies

Car Buddies make everyone want to learn fast.

The Wild Side and Down on the Farm Zoo Buddies 

Don’t forget about Zoo Buddies and Jungle Buddies

Jungle Buddies, too!­­ Farm Buddies

Or celebrate life in the country with any of the adorable Farm Buddies.­­­­

GlitterFlex is a super sparkly type of heat transfer vinyl that can be laundered and is available in single sheets as well as bundles for specific design sets.

How do you make school clothing and accessories safe and fun?

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