Cutting GlitterFlex with Your Cameo!


Did you know that GlitterFlex can be used all by itself? Using a cutting machine makes creating GlitterFlex shapes so much easier!

These tips apply to any cutting machine so, if you have a ScanNCut or Cricut, you will still find this information useful.

GlitterFlex heat transfer vinyl at Sew Inspired by Bonnie

GlitterFlex can be used with embroidery or, as I did on this koozie, without any embroidery whatsoever. GlitterFllex is a type of heat transfer vinyl that is fusible. Heat activates the glue, adhering the vinyl shape to your project.

GlitterFlex heat transfer vinyl at Sew Inspired by Bonnie

A clear carrier on the front covers the glittery side. The carrier is essential when using a cutting machine. It helps to protect your cutting mat and keeps your cut vinyl in place until you press it onto the project.

Place GlitterFlex face down on your cutting mat so that you do not see the sparkly side. I position it in the upper left corner, just because I like to go left to right. Line everything up and push it down to stick on the cutting mat.

When you cut out a design, you need make it a mirror image. Since you are putting the GlitterFlex face down, it must be cut from the back. When it flips back over, the design is going the right direction.

Silhouette allows me to mirror image my design right in the software. Choose the kind of material I am going to cut – heat transfer glitter - and keep all the default settings. Always, always use the test option to do a test cut. Just like with embroidery, sometimes adjustments are necessary.


After cutting, peel off the GlitterFlex backing. Weeding tools make it easy to remove small pieces of vinyl, like the center of letters p, e, and a. If you have a light box, it will help you see and weed even better.


The clear carrier has a little bit of stickiness to it, nothing harsh, not a permanent stick. It holds the vinyl in place until I can place it on the koozie.

When positioned, take a pressing sheet (I prefer a thin pressing sheet like a scrap of cotton, not a heavy Teflon sheet), press as recommended, and gently start to peel the clear carrier off.

With embroidery, you can also cut your GlitterFlex applique pieces, remove excess vinyl, and place your clear carrier on top of the placement line of your embroidery (right in the hoop), and press.


Whether you use GlitterFlex with or without embroidery, the result is stunning. See the full video here.

Have a day blessed with perfect stitches and GlitterFlex!!

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  • Bonnie Welsh - May 27, 2020

    I’m not sure which ones do or do not offer SVG files. If you have Embrillance software, you can easily create SVG files for the applique sections of your designs.

  • Cat - May 25, 2020

    Are you the only one that’s sells SVGs to go with applique designs??? I have been searching for designs done this way, I hope you do more as I dont have small children or grandchildren. Some adult designs would be great

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