Easter Egg Hanger

Easter Egg Hanger Project at Sew Inspired by Bonnie

The Eggsqusite Jewels collection is so beautiful, you will want to stitch it over and over. This project is so quick and easy, you will want to make up a bunch for friends and family!

Eggsquisite Jewels machine embroidery at Sew Inspired by Bonnie

Eggsqusite Jewels, design 10, was stitched on a piece of felted wool 5.25" wide and 8.5" long. You can stitch the design as a GlitterFlex (right) applique or without applique as Sew Eggsqusite (left).

You can even use regular fabric, mylar, or angelina hot fix fibers for the applique, but they are the most brilliant with GlitterFlex.

Make sure the bottom edge of the embroidery is approximately 2.5" from the bottom edge of the felt.

Fold the felt 1/2" to the back at the bottom and glue in place.

For the top, I used a 6" wire hanger with a heart sticking up from the bottom.

I folded 1.5" of the top of the piece to the back (pink fold line above). Cut a .75" vertical slit (pink arrow) and ease the felt over the center heart.

Run glue along the top edge of the felt, on the back, and fold it over the hanger to secure. Let it dry and it's ready to hang!

Of course, you could personalize these with text, or add Swarovski crystals like the doily project.

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  • Bonnie Welsh - March 19, 2019

    Thank you, ladies, for your kind words!

  • CAROL REINKING - March 15, 2019

    Very unique design

  • Cathleen Britschge - March 15, 2019


  • Bonnie Welsh - March 12, 2019

    Carolyn—We hope to see pictures of your creations! =)

  • carolyn - March 12, 2019

    thank you haven’t made yet but cant wait.

  • Joan Cooper - March 12, 2019

    thanks very lovely

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