Embroidering Christmas Cards: A Tutorial and Secret Weapon!

Did you know that you can stitch on cover stock? Create unique cards, download free text, and discover a new notion that will become a favorite!

I’ll show you how easy it is to stitch on cardstock and a nifty tool you will want to add to your embroidery resources.

Paper Stock

Heavy cover stock, 65# to 100#, holds up best to stitching. Handmade papers work even better since they contain actual fibers.

I chose a linen blend, 80# cover stock sheet, 8.5” x 11”, and folded it in half to 5.5” x 8.5”.


Outline, Redwork, and thread painting designs, like Bonnie’s Painted Poinsettias, work really well when embroidering on paper.

Avoid heavy satin stitch designs and those that repeatedly stitch in the same spot, like triple stitching. Heavy stitching in any area will perforate the paper.

The Technique

I used a medium cut-away in the hoop and marked the horizontal and vertical centering lines. I also measured and marked corners for the card on the stabilizr so that it would be easier to place for embroidery.

The challenge is in securing the paper to the stabilizer. Some use painter’s tape and others use a temporary spray adhesive. My secret weapon is SewTites. These magnets work wonders on items that can’t be pinned.

I placed magnet backs under the stabilizer corner marks,

positioned the card in the marked corners,

and placed the SewTite top magnetic piece over the backs.

Picture of machine embroidered poinsettia on cardstock


I added text (you can download here) to  Poinsed Paintettia 5 and stitched the design except for the last three color stops using a 70/10 needle and reducing machine speed.

When embroidery was finished, I removed the magnets and carefully trimmed stabilizer around the design. You can either cut a piece of blank cover stock, holiday scrapbook paper, or a pretty colored paper and glue it over the back of the design area.

Closeup of poinsettia machine embroidery

Instead of embroidering the center, I added buttons.

This was fun and has so many possibilities. I anticipate more projects in the future, so be sure to check back.

SewTites are a game changer and would make a great gift to yourself! They come in several sizes and are wonderful for machine embroidery, quilting and sewing.

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  • Dianne Kazan - November 09, 2022

    I am very interested in making embroidery cards and have just played around with it. I have the tiles but didn’t even think about using them for this. They will be perfect for these projects. Placing the card was helpful. Thanks for your great tips.

  • Debbie Henry - December 14, 2020

    Give it a try, Nancy!

  • Nancy Smith - December 14, 2020

    Sounds good

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