Night Before Christmas Reading Pillow

Santa Buddies make the perfect addition to a Christmas reading pillow! 

I had this wonderful Night Before Christmas fabric by Susan Winget that I purchased a couple of years ago. When I saw Bonnie’s Santa Buddies, I knew the combination would be perfect for making a reading pillow for the grands.

The pillow pattern is super easy. Of course, you can adapt your own favorite pattern as you wish. Mine was made for a 16-inch pillow, so adjust according to the size of your pillow.


Front pocket: 17” x 28”
Pillow front: 17” x 17”
Pillow flaps (back): Two 17” x 21”

The Design

I chose Santa 6 from the Santa Buddies set. The only difference is that I used chalkboard fabric for his boots (I did not realize that I was out of black GlitterFlex. Red GlitterFlex is found here or all the colors of GlitterFlex sheets used for the Santa Buddies set is found here.)

Prep the Pieces

I always press my fabrics before cutting and embroidery and I typically add an interfacing, like ShapeFlex 101, to the back of fabric that I embroider.

Fold and press the front pocket in half to 17” x 14” or shorter if you prefer. (In retrospect, my pocket was a bit tall.) Also fold and press the flaps in half so that they are 10.5” x 17”.

Embroidering the Pocket

You can center your design and even add some text, a name, or a monogram.

Picture of front reading pillow with Santa Buddies designs.


Since I had a piece of fabric as my text, I fussy cut it and pieced fabric above and below. The Santa was centered in a panel of it’s own, pressed after embroidery, and the two panels were stitched together to form the front pocket.

Finishing the Pillow 


Picture of reading pillow front with Santa Buddies

Place the pillow front face up. Lay the folded pocket on top, face up, aligning edges.

Picture of layering to make the reading pillow
Layer one folded back flap on top with the folded edge toward the middle.

Lay the other back flap on top, folded edge to the middle, and lining up edges. Pin edges and stitch all layers together.

Picture of reading pillow turned right side out with Santa Buddies design.

Turn right-side out and you are ready for the pillow.

The only thing that is missing is a book!

P.S A couple of years ago, I made a pocket pillow for my parents for Christmas. The front had Thankful, Grateful, Blessed on the pocket and, instead of a book, I added a letter thanking them for giving me a good life full of wonderful memories.


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  • Debbie Henry - December 08, 2020

    I love that idea, Carol!

  • Carol Menton - December 08, 2020

    You mentioned the use of chalkboard fabric on the boots. Perhaps the days left till Christmas could be put on the boots. Just a thought. Love the project.

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