Embroidery Shortcuts: Quilting in the Hoop with Battilizer

Sew Inspired by Bonnie Battilizer Embroidery ShortcutsItems quilted in the hoop rely on stabilizer to support stitches and batting to accentuate the quilting. Fortunately, this product combines both!

Picture of Jungle Buddies machine applique designs in quilt

Jungle Buddies

Embroidery machines are the eighth wonder of the world. With so many wonderful designs like Bonnie’s, you can stitch quilts, pillows, and wall hangings galore. Just add stabilizer, batting, fabric, and thread. What if you could embroider quilt blocks without a stabilizer? Actually, you can!

Battilizer is a product available from Hoop Sisters (no affiliation) that has an almost foam-like feel. It is an exclusive 62.3% cotton/26.7% polyester blend that is needle punched to the highest standard. Needle punching makes batting stronger and more dense with a lower loft that is perfect for in-the-hoop projects of all kinds.

If you remember Bonnie’s blog on determining the right and wrong side of batting, scrim is the layer that provides strength and durability. It is also identifies the back side of the batting. Battilizer has 11% scrim for extra stability. It will not shift or stretch, keeping your project from puckering and shrinking. Because the scrim is inside, there are no right or wrong sides.

This stabilizer-batting combination supports up to 8,000 stiches per layer. Even with dense embroidery, you need no additional stabilizer as it is already built in.

This product is also available as

Have you ever tried this kind of batting with embroidery? Do you like it?

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  • Karen - April 27, 2021

    Battilizer is the only batting I use when quilting and doing embroidery! I have used it for years!

  • Penny Chidester - April 26, 2021


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