Keeping Stabilizers Under Wrap

Stabilizer Holders with

Keeping your stabilizers identified properly makes a big difference. Here is one way to ID them and keep them from unrolling!

When I first started machine embroidery some 20-plus years ago, I made a real blunder by mistakenly using a mesh cutaway stabilizer that I thought was a fabric-type wash-away. Big difference.

Even then, I knew the difference between the two but didn’t pay the attention that I should. The project was an applique kitchen towel and, since the white stabilizer showed around the edges, I had to tear it out and start all over again.

Bonnie recommends inserting the stabilizer label into the end of the roll which is a great idea. Not only will you know exactly what kind and weight of stabilizer that you have, you will also know the brand name as well as where it came from when you need to order more.

Stabilizer Holders with

I like to use slap bracelets to keep my stabilizer rolls from unwinding. They are relatively inexpensive and come in several different prints and colors. You can find them with other kid’s crafts and sometimes even they are often on sale during summer camps and bible schools.

Stabilizer Holders with

I recently found some silicone bands that I really like on Amazon. They come in different colors and, because of the plastic surface, they grip the stabilizer rolls really well.

If you like, you can write the type of stabilizer on the band with a permanent marker or even print a sticker with a label maker. That way, all of your stabilizers will be easily identifiable and neatly contained.

Several companies actually sell the same kind of bands with stabilizer names printed on them, so that’s another option.

How do you label your stabilizers?

Debbie Henry
Sew Inspired by Bonnie

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  • Bonnie Welsh - November 14, 2023

    Jan—I’d love to go to one myself as a participant, but I don’t have any retreats planned. However, if you mean these slap bands would be handy to pack stabilizer for a retreat, then, yes they would! =)

  • Jan Pavelka - November 14, 2023

    Would love to come to retreat!!💕

  • Bonnie Welsh - November 13, 2023

    Sharon—Thank you for the compliments! We label our USBs with tags so that you know the sets that are included within the USB. If the USB isn’t marked or tagged on the outside with regard to what’s on them, I don’t know of a way to see what’s in there without putting it in your computer or machine. You might want to view my video on GlitterFlex under the tab “Tuesday’s Tips” to help get you over your fear here:

  • Sharon Jones - November 13, 2023

    1st: I love your blogs and have learned so much. 2nd: I haven’t had the courage to try Glitter Flex but I am going to jump off the deep end. 3rd: Do you have a blog on how to know what is on a USB without putting in the computer or machine. I have them in ziplock bags with names the best I can. Thank you and Happy Holidays

  • Carleta Grabhet - November 13, 2023

    This looks like a good idea

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