Why Handmade Gifts Mean So Much More

Picture of machine embroidered Vintage Deer on Christmas stocking

 Anyone can go to the store and purchase a gift or, even easier, have something delivered right to the door. So why do handmade gifts mean more?

Giving handmade gifts and ornaments is a Christmas tradition in my family. Growing up, my mom, dad, and grandmothers were always making decorations and gifts for the holidays. They also purchased gifts but, each year, there was something new to be created.

Every year, I like to make a new Christmas ornament for those special to me. Although I once feared that making such gifts fed a selfish satisfaction on my part, I found that they were genuinely treasured year after year.

Handmade Gifts are Unique

Vintage Deer

Craftsmanship not found in big box stores. Artisans turn love into a tangible product. Never think for one minute that handmade is less desirable than store bought.

The effort we put into a handmade gift shows how much the recipient means to us. Plus, we don’t have to worry about someone else giving them the same thing.

Custom Gifts Can be Personalized 

With machine embroidery in particular, it is so easy to personalize anything you can stitch on. You can customize not only with monograms and stitching but also in the choice of fabrics and thread colors used.

The Price Myth


Some people think that they are saving money by making. That’s not necessarily true. When it comes to quilts or afghans, you can certainly purchase a less expensive gift. In smaller items, where you can pull from your existing stash, you may pay less than purchasing a gift but stabilizer, thread, fabric, batting, etc. is not inexpensive.

The Bottom Line

When someone takes the time to make something for me, I know that they not only invested their talents but maybe more importantly their time. What is someone’s time worth? We are all busy. When we take time to make something special for someone else, the sentiment is priceless--a true gift of the heart!

Why do you make Christmas gifts for others?

Debbie Henry
Sew Inspired by Bonnie

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  • Debbie henry - November 08, 2023

    Yes, Granny!

  • Debbie henry - November 08, 2023

    I really enjoy making things for others, Carol!

  • Carol Babineaux - November 06, 2023

    I make most of our gifts each year.

  • Granny - November 06, 2023

    You are absolutely correct! Handmade gifts ARE a gift from the heart!

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