Non-Traditional Fusing Mats: Great Value, Same Result

Fusing With a Nontraditional Mat

One of the best reasons for blogs and social media are the fantastic tips you get from time to time. I’ll show you how to get professional quality fusing mats at a fraction of the cost.

 Nontraditional Fusing Mats

You never know what treasures you will find on the clearance racks. Facebook follower and friend Terri Crawford found copper grill mats and thought, “If they work on grills, they should work with irons.” The price was right, so she gave it a try.

Terri says they works great with applique and fusible fabric scenes. If you get adhesive on the mat, just let it cool, and it peels off. She even ironed HeatnBond directly onto the mat. When cool, it peeled right off.

The point is that these copper mats are less expensive than most of the applications that were sold in the sewing industry.

The brand Terri purchased was Yoshi and, while not being sure, she believes pretty much any brand of copper grilling mat would work equally as well.

I went ahead and searched for mine on Amazon and found that they have two-packs and four-packs. They ranged from around $8 for two up to about $14 for four, so they are very reasonable.

Copper grill mats are very pliable and nonstick so they are perfect for fusing applique pieces since they peel off easily. What a clever idea!

May your day be blessed with perfect stitches and GlitterFlex!!

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  • Bonnie Welsh - September 30, 2019

    Anne—Great idea!

  • Anne Hill - September 29, 2019

    Great idea. I’ve also used the mats as topper when ironing vinyl, worked well.

  • Bonnie Welsh - September 27, 2019

    Alice—Ahhhhhhh, that’s sweet of you to say! Enjoy!

  • Alice DeLonge - September 27, 2019

    Sounds wonderful – as soon as I finish watering my flowers will visit AMAZON and get the small order – as some say you made my day!!! thanks

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