Spooky Buddies Halloween Welcome Sign


See how I used one of Bonnie’s Spooky Buddies to make an adorable welcome sign! Bonnie’s Spooky Buddies are so cute, you will want to display them any way possible. I recently purchased a welcome sign and thought it would be a great way to showcase a Spooky Buddy for Halloween. 

Picture of machine applique bat design for Halloween

 You may remember the apron I made awhile back using the adorable bat (you’d never guess that he’s my favorite). This time, I used my Embrilliance design editing software to stitch out just his head. You can get links showing how I have made several ornaments this way, here.

Like the other ornaments, I stitched this one on a quality felt. The trick with the Spooky Buddies Bat is that the mouth and chin are not edged with satin stitching like the rest of the face, so you have to trim the GlitterFlex just a bit.

Picture showing jump where tack down ends on head of bat

Since the body portion of the design was removed, the tack-down or applique stitch has a jump where the satin stitching on each side ends and the mouth and nose are done in fill stitching. 

Picture of machine applique bat with jump stitch on head
I didn’t want the GlitterFlex to extend below the stitching of the mouth where it would show, so I clipped the bottom edge in a slight upward curve above the mouth. It will be hidden behind the fill stitches of the nose and mouth.

Picture of machine appliqued bat head from Spooky Buddies set

After stitching, remove everything from the hoop. Trim or tear stabilizer away from the design and cut the felt around the bat leaving a slight edge showing. You can use pinking shears for a decorative edge. You can also back the felt embroidery with another layer of felt if you like for a neater back. I typically glue mine in place.


You can attach the bat to the sign in a variety of ways. If you use something like scrapbooking pop dots or Velcro dots, you can easily replace the embroidery according to the season.

Debbie Henry
Sew Inspired by Bonnie

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  • Debbie Henry - October 16, 2023

    I Love Bonnie’s designs, Kaye!

  • Kaye Fullerton - October 11, 2023

    Thank you Bonnie. This is adorable!

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