Embroidery Stabilizer Storage Tips 2

Stabilizer Storage Tips 2 with SewInsiredByBonnie.com 

Stabilizers are the basis for all that we embroider and there are so many different kinds. These storage tips will help you keep them organized!

Since we touched on sewing room organization last time, I thought we’d talk a little bit about storing stabilizer. There are so many different types of stabilizers – washaway, heataway, tearaway, cutaway - as well as different weights.

Bonnie shared some good tips on how she stores and labels her stabilizers here. Labeling is really important. One time, I mistook a mesh cutaway for washaway. So far, I have made sure that doesn’t happen again.

Picture of towel rack used for machine embroidery stabilizers.

There are a number of unique ways to store stabilizer. I put cutaway on a paper towel holder.

Picture of wine rack used for machine embroidery stabilizers.

The Domestic Diva uses a wine/beverage rack for her stabilizer.

Picture of hanging storage for machine embroidery stabilizers.

I found this pretty stabilizer hanger at Amazon (no affiliation).

Honeybear Lane has a great DIY tutorial on how to make a pegboard organizer. Among other items, she uses dowel rods to hold rolled vinyl, which is not really any different than stabilizer rolls.

Picture of a towel rack used as storage for machine embroidery stabilizers.

Towel racks are another option, like this one found on Pinterest.

I always thought I’d like to make this one out of clear vinyl on a fabric hanger.

If you would like to make your own stabilizer hanger, Sulky has a free pattern here. Customize it to your needs. It is helpful if each stabilizer holder is marked with the name of the stabilizer type that it holds.

Stabilizer Storage Tips 2 with SewInsiredByBonnie.com

American Sewing Guild has another free pattern and tutorial here.

For those who are lazy (like me, LOL) think about using toweling for your holders. Moda has a great selection of really pretty toweling here. The benefit is that it is just about the perfect width and the side edges are finished so you don’t have to stitch any side seams.

How do you organize your stabilizer?

Debbie Henry
Sew Inspired by Bonnie

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