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Froggie Fun with

Bonnie’s new Frog Buddies set is so adorable! I’ll show you how I created some free text you can use for fun projects!

There are several good design editing software programs out there. I happen to use Embrilliance but you can probably do much the same, as far as creating text, in other programs as well.

Start by opening Frog Buddies 2 in your editing software.

Picture of machine embroidered frog prince with fun text in a curve.

Click on the Create Letters icon. I chose Block text and selected Text on a Circle. Type in the top half of the text – A Frog is Just a Prince. It arches above the design. 

Picture of machine appliqued frog prince highlighting bottom curved text.

For the bottom text, Waiting for a Kiss!, do the same as was done with the upper text but also check the Place on Bottom box. That arches the text underneath the design. Center text boxes and position them equal distances from the design.

Picture of machine appliqued frog prince with curved text above and below.

The text is a bit small, so I selected each of the top and bottom text blocks and changed the font to Comedy. Both Block and Comedy texts come with the Embrilliance program.

Picture of machine appliqued frog prince in software with curved text added above and below design

Now the text is too large for the 200x360 (8x14) hoop. Embrilliance recommends not changing text and design sizes more than 20 percent. I reduced this text to 85 percent and it fits within the 200x300 (8x12) hoop. 

Picture of prince frog machine applique design in Embrilliance software.

The lettering in the lower arch text is pretty tight, so I can open up the letter spacing with a slider. 

Picture of finished machine applique design with curved lettering added.

The finished product looks pretty good. Make sure you save the file with a new name to preserve the original design. Be sure to save both the stitching and working files. By saving the working file, you can go back and make adjustments without starting over.

You can download the free text file for 8x12 hoops here. Frog design is not included. Have fun!

Debbie Henry
Sew Inspired by Bonnie

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  • Bonnie Welsh - September 25, 2023

    Sheryl—The text is a separate free file that Debbie created. You can get it by clicking on the link for it in the last sentence in the post above and adding it to your cart like a purchase (but it’s free).

  • sheryl Caron - September 25, 2023

    i bought the frogs but didn’t get a text does it come with it?
    Sheryl Caron

  • Debbie Henry - September 23, 2023

    Thanks, ladies – Bonnie’s designs continue to get cuter and cuter, don’t they?

  • CI NDIE PORTER - September 21, 2023

    Oh a o cute love them !!!

  • Glenda Marsh - September 19, 2023

    Cute cute💥

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