A Novel Way to Store Bolts of Stabilizer

Storing Stabilizer Bolts with SewInspiredByBonnie.com

This non-traditional storage container is perfect for keeping bolts of stabilizer organized and protected! I love when something that has no business in the sewing room fits a need like it should have always been there. After writing about stabilizer storage ideas a couple of weeks ago, I remembered another option.

If you use your embroidery machine much at all, you will find that it is really smart to buy stabilizers by the bolt when they are on sale. If it is stored properly, stabilizer lasts a very long time, so storage becomes an issue. 

Bonnie posted the blog link on her Facebook page and one commenter said she uses a storage cabinet whose shelves are just the right depth and width to stack stabilizers on the bolt. That is a great idea! What if you don’t have such a cabinet or the space for a cabinet?

Picture of gift wrap container used for storing machine embroidery stabilizer.

How about a simple lidded gift wrap organizer? I bought this one many years ago on clearance and it works perfectly. It is nice and tall, sturdy, and has a small footprint so it doesn’t take up much space. A gift wrap organizer also helps to keep stabilizers protected from dust, sunlight, and moisture.

Picture of machine embroidery stabilizer in gift wrap container.

As our hoops get larger, so do our stabilizers. Not surprisingly, roll stabilizers fit well in the gift wrap holder, too.

Bolts contain information about the stabilizer type and size, so that’s not a problem. With the roll varieties, take Bonnie’s valuable suggestion and place the label inside of the roll for safekeeping.

Although I don’t have issues with fabric-type water-soluble stabilizer, I like to keep adhesive wash-away inside the bag that it came in to keep it from drying out. (Notice the vintage laundry clip? It belonged to my grandmother!)

They do make under-the-bed versions of wrapping paper storage bins. Just choose what works best for you and your creative area.

How do you store your bolts of stabilizer?

Debbie Henry
Sew Inspired by Bonnie

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  • Debbie Henry - September 29, 2023

    Thank you all for reading!

  • Bonnie Welsh - September 26, 2023

    Karen—I’m not sure I understand your question.

  • Bonnie J Tawney-Addison - September 26, 2023

    That is a great Idea for stabilizers. I will have to do some hunting to see if I can get something like that or look at Christmas storage boxes. Thank you. Bonnie

  • Gail loyola - September 26, 2023

    Great idea. Thank you for sharing.

  • Karen Atwood - September 26, 2023

    If someone sends you a picture. Could you copy it?

  • Connie - September 26, 2023

    That is a great idea. Thank you, for sharing it.

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