Super Cute Casserole Carrier!

What happens when you combine projects from two talented embroidery designers? You get an adorable casserole carrier that makes a wonderful gift!

Reen Wilcoxin of Embroidery Garden has kindly permitted us to share her free Casserole Carrier Instructions and Buttonhole Designs. It is so easy to make with two double-sided quilted placemats. Thread a wooden spoon through the buttonholes to close and you have a lovely shower or hostess gift.

Download Reen’s instructions here, which include two buttonholes that you stitch on each of the placemats.

Embroidering the Placemat

Picture of machine embroidery hoop with center marks drawn on stabilizer.

Start by drawing centering crosshairs on your hooped stabilizer and centering the placemat over the crosshairs. I like to use a flat-head thumb tack pressed through the center through the back of the hoop.

This was a good opportunity to try out my Sewtites HD magnets, made to work with thicker items like quilted placemats. SewTites are wonderful for in-the-hoop projects.

Picture of placemat with basting stitches for machine applique design

I chose to embroider one of Bonnie’s Ginger Buddies, number five, on the front of the top placemat. Adding basting stitches helps to not only secure the placemat in the hoop but also to make sure that the placemat is aligned properly. If not, just clip the basting stitches and start again. 

Picture of Ginger Buddy machine applique design on placemat

Stitch the applique gingerbread design as directed, using school glue to hold it in place, tacking, trimming, and fusing GlitterFlex in place. When embroidery is done, clip threads and trim stabilizer close to stitching. It’s time to add the buttonholes.

Stitching the Buttonholes

Picture of paper template of buttonholes in position over hoop for placement.

Print out the template for the buttonholes and position as directed. There are two color stops for this step.

Picture of first step zig-zag stitching of buttonholes in hoop.

The first adds zig-zag ovals where the buttonholes will go. Carefully trim away the placemat inside the oval without cutting through the water-soluble stabilizer. However, if you do cut through the stabilizer, don’t worry; just patch it with another piece of water-soluble stabilizer.

Picture of completed machine embroidered buttonholes in hoop.

The second color stop edges large buttonholes with generous satin stitching. Use the same color thread in the bobbin as that with which you are stitching. When stitching is finished, trim or tear away the stabilizer and wet the edges to eliminate the rest. Stitch buttonholes on the front of the back placemat as well.

Stitching Placemats Together

Match edges and buttonholes of the placemats, wrong size together, and stitch around the outside edge, leaving the end where the buttonholes are open. 

Picture of machine appliqued gingerbread man on casserole carrier with wooden spoon at Sew Inspired by Bonnie

Weave a wooden spoon through the buttonholes to secure the dish in place. So adorable and a wonderful gift. This carrier is perfect for a low-profile 9x12 casserole dish. 

Picture of machine applique Christmas Cookie mitten on placemat at Sew Inspired by Bonnie

Add Bonnie’s Christmas Cookies, like we did on this placemat, and you have a cute cookie carrier.

Thank you so much, Reen, for sharing your files!

Debbie Henry
Sew Inspired by Bonnie

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  • Debbie Henry - December 27, 2022

    Sharon, that’s what I’m doing too!

  • Sharon Reynolds - December 27, 2022

    I enjoyed reading the directions and think I would like to try this!! I will try it after Christmas and get a headstart for Next year! Thanks!

  • Debbie Henry - December 18, 2022

    Thanks, Sherry!

  • Debbie Henry - December 18, 2022

    Thank you Susan! All you need is two great designs!

  • You Susan Griffin - December 14, 2022

    Love it

  • Sherry Schonberg - December 14, 2022

    That casserole cover is awesome

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