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Machine Embroidery Terms: A to D

Whether you are new to machine embroidery or are an experienced stitcher, some of these terms may be new to you! Here is the first installment of Machine Embroidery A to Z. We will periodically feature some terms and techniques infused with tutorials and tips and always welcome your tips, too!

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Applique the Fabric Way

Fabric Applique with

Can you use fabric with Bonnie’s machine embroidery applique designs? Yes, you can!

Bonnie’s applique designs are even more spectacular with GlitterFlex. The shiny heat transfer vinyl is some of the best in the industry, tried and tested to hold up to wear and laundering. But what if you have a great fabric you would like to use? No problem!

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Adhesives: Tips for Machine Embroidery

Adhesive Tips for Machine Embroidery with

Fun Time Veggies

Adhesives can be quite useful in machine embroidery. These tips will help you make them stick where you want!

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Stitching Templates for Perfect Fussy Cut Appliques

Stitching a Fussy Cut Applique Template

With applique, fabrics can really make the project and fussy cutting makes a big impact! One of the fun things about applique is that you can use fabric motifs to your advantage. 

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Stitch Bonnie’s Valentine Design, Love You More, for Free!

This heart is so pretty, combining beautiful edge stitching with the sparkling depth of GlitterFlex. I decided to stitch it on a piece of Valentine fabric and pop it into a decorative frame. You can download the free design now and make a work of heart!

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A Unique Way to Prevent Sticky Hoops

How to Prevent Sticky Hoops

Adhesive sprays are helpful in machine embroidery but sticky hoops are not. See how to keep your hoops clean!

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Fusibles for No-Wrinkle Applique Fun Time Fruit Fusibles for Applique

Learn the role of fusibles to keep your applique smooth as glass.

One of the reasons that GlitterFlex applique designs look so wonderful when embroidered, besides the obvious glistening shine, is that it fuses so beautifully to the fabric. That is a good technique for regular applique, too.

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Beef Up Your Base With Interfacing

The addition of the right interfacing can help reinforce your fabric and provide a better base for embroidery.

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Quilt Your Block Before Embroidery!


Picture of machine embroidered cow with quilting from Sew Inspired by Bonnie

Most often, blocks are embroidered before quilting. See how you can quilt the block before adding embroidery!

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Embroidery Shortcuts: Sew Cool You Will Want to Gift Yourself!

I’ll show you how these project trays work, a new product that makes stitching even easier, and a little applique shortcut!

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