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Four Ways to Secure Items in the Hoop

Securing Items in the Hoop with

How you secure projects in the hoop depends upon what you are embroidering. Fortunately, we have several options!

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Hooping 101: How to Hoop for Machine Embroidery

How to hoop for machine embroidery with

Hooping is one of the most challenging parts of machine embroidery and I’ll show you how it’s done!

Hooping is an essential part of machine embroidery. As with anything, it takes practice and everyone has their own method. I’m just sharing one of them so be sure to comment with your own method.

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How to Keep Excess Fabric Out of the Embroidery Area

Keeping Fabric Out of the Embroidery Area with

Here is another inexpensive back-to-school item you may want to add to your sewing room! If you have ever embroidered on a child’s shirt using a single-needle machine, you know that hooping such a small item is difficult in itself. What is even harder, is keeping the excess shirt out of the stitching area.

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Hoop Malfunction: How Basting Stitches Saved the Day!

It’s happened to all of us. A project pops out of the hoop before embroidery is done. Here is how to fix it on any embroidery machine!

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Hooping Hacks: Keeping Stabilizer and Fabric from Shifting

Hooping Hacks 2 with

Have a problem keeping your stabilizer and fabric together when hooping? These tips will help!

Not long ago, we asked what you would like to know about machine embroidery. One of the comments expressed frustration when hooping. It’s difficult to keep the fabric and stabilizer from shifting around while you are trying to hoop them. Nobody has enough hands but here are a couple of things you can try.

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Another No-Slip Stabilizer Tip!

No-slip stabilizer tip with

This little trick will help keep your stabilizer from sagging in the hoop!

I stitch a lot of in-the-hoop (ITH) projects, many of which require floating pieces on no-show mesh or fabric-type water-soluble stabilizer. Both of these are extremely thin and can sag or loosen in the hoop, no matter how tight you make it.

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A Unique Way to Prevent Sticky Hoops

How to Prevent Sticky Hoops

Adhesive sprays are helpful in machine embroidery but sticky hoops are not. See how to keep your hoops clean!

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Eight Great Tips for Preventing Puckers

Sew Inspired by Bonnie Tips for Preventing Puckers

Is embroidery puckering a problem? These tips will help eliminate puckered projects!

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Unique Machine Embroidery Hoop Storage Solutions

See the genius way that Bonnie stores her hoops, plus some other ideas for keeping hoops handy.

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Helpful Hooping Hacks

Hooping can be the most frustrating part of machine embroidery. These tips will help!

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