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Quilting for a Cause

Quilting for a Cause with

Featured Image is Feathered Friends

Bonnie has so many awesome embroidery designs that are perfect to use in donation quilts for kids and adults alike. As makers, we often donate our creations to local churches and charitable organizations. These national organizations also accept quilts. Check the links below for more information and submission requirements.

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Frankenbatting: Stitching Batting Scraps Together


What is the best use for batting scraps? Turn them into Frankenbatting!

Frankenbatting is a pretty awesome term that describes the technique of joining batting scraps together so that it can become useful again. We’ve talked about saving fabric scraps. Maybe you should also save your batting scraps, too.

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Why Having a Fabric Stash is a Good Thing!

Why You Should Have a Fabric Stash with

Artisan Batiks: Christmastime from Robert Kaufman Fabrics

We joke a lot about our fabric stashes but there actually is a really good reason to keep them stocked! We are in the midst of the fall season and will soon enter the Christmas holiday. That means seasonal fabrics may be in abundance now, but might be hard to find this time next year.

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Back-to-School Supplies You Can Use in Your Sewing Room: Part 1

School supplies for embroidery, sewing, quilting with

Check out these school supplies that are useful to machine embroiderers, sewers, and quilters!

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Machine Embroidery Pucker Prevention Tip 10

Machine Embroidery Pucker Prevention Tip 10

We know to pre-shrink our fabric and stabilizer, but this item can also cause problems if it shrinks after embroidery.

Bonnie has told us about the importance of test sews. It is a great way to make sure that your combination of fabric, stabilizer, batting, needle, tension, and threads are all working in unison. That way, you make adjustments before potentially ruining your entire project.

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A Simple Tip to Increase Your Embroidery Success!

Machine embroidery tips at Sew Inspired by Bonnie
Farm Buddies

Some of the best advice for machine embroiderers doesn’t involve buying a miracle tool, but utilizing a simple but effective virtue. 

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What's All the Fuss About Titanium Needles?

Titanium needles with

Titanium-plated needles are stronger, more durable and last longer than traditional needles. But are they worth the added cost?

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Fabric Precuts for Machine Embroidery

Precuts for Machine Embroidery with

There are so many reasons that fabric precuts are useful in machine embroidery. Here are just a few!

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Quilts: Tips for Perfect Piecing

Perfect Piecing with

Making a quilt is more than just pretty fabric and beautiful embroidery. These tips will help ensure that your piecing skills are top notch!

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Documenting Projects with Labels

Whether it is a pillow, wall hanging, table runner or quilt, add a label. But what should you include? We may not think about how long some of the items that we make will last, but it is important to document your works of heart.

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